Usually, horror films fall apart over the weekend, especially those with bad reviews and an audience exit. But Universal and Miramax’s Halloween Kills has so far, kept it together.

Halloween Kills Is The 12th Film In The Franchise

Michael Myers in Halloween Kills
Michael Myers in Halloween Kills

Directed by David Gordon Green, the 12th film in the franchise, kept a steady course, making $50.35 million in its first three days, slightly more than what we saw on Saturday with $17.2 million which is almost -25% than Friday. While there is an increase from Friday to Saturday; at least percent-wise, than earlier October, releases like Paranormal Activity 3, Paramount Activity 2. Moreover, Halloween Kills comfortably beats Paranormal Activity 2’s Saturday earning of $13 million.

Halloween Kills poster
Halloween Kills poster

Halloween Kills has turned out to be the best 3-day horror opening in the US and Canada during this pandemic, beating A Quiet Place Part II by Paramount Pictures. Surprisingly, it’s also the best R-Rated opening during the pandemic, surpassing HBO Max’s Suicide Squad.

From PostTrak exits, many fans revealed that the reason why they went for Halloween Kills ie because it belongs to the franchise they liked.

Halloween Kills ties at the box office 2uth Jackass 3D as the ninth-best opening for the month of October and the third-best horror film, after Halloween and 2011’s Paranormal Activity 3.

Domestic Distribution Chief Jim Orr said:

“The debut of Halloween Kills this weekend is a further reinforcement that audiences are eager to be in theaters to truly experience the energy created by what becomes a communal event, especially for this genre and this franchise. Our amazing director, David Gordon Green, and our lead, Jamie Lee Curtis, crafted an incredibly terrifying continuation of this franchise that our audience enthusiastically embraced this weekend.”


A still from Halloween Kills
A still from Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills has also seen an impressive campaign, with its first trailer garnering 60 million views, more than a thousand editorials, and various trending topics on Twitter and YouTube. Curtis also received the Golden Lion award at the Venice Film Festival where it was premiered. Even Curtis’ TikTok account has been featuring content from Halloween Kills as her first post got 350K views in just three days.


Halloween Kills - Official Trailer


Source: Deadline

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