The film, Don’t Worry Darling, directed by Olivia Wilde, had many controversies revolving around it. Be it the feud between Florence Pugh and the director, or the on-set romance, the film has been the talk of the town for a long time. The cast of the thriller film has been through a lot. They have been in the headlines for various reasons. 

Chris Pine Finally Explains The Harry Styles 'Spitgate' Moment
Don’t Worry Darling cast

Another speculation arose on the internet about actor Harry Styles spitting on his costar Chris Pine. A video of the incident went viral in September, raising another controversy. Nearly six months later, Pine has spoken about the Spitgate incident. He is setting the record straight with Styles.

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What happened between Chris Pine and Harry Styles at the Venice Film Festival?

Chris Pine Admits 'It Did Look Like Harry Styles Spit on Me,' but He Did Not: The 'Vitriol' Against 'Don't Worry Darling' Was 'Ridiculous'
Chris Pine and Harry Styles at the Venice Film Festival

The film, directed by Olivia Wilde, has led to many controversies among the cast. Adding to the list was a new drama involving Harry Styles and Chris Pine. The cast attended the Venice Film Festival screening of Don’t Worry Darling. 

A video went viral in September showing Styles taking a seat beside the 42-year actor. The As it Was singer appeared to slightly purse his lips in his co-star’s direction after bending down in his seat. The Contractor star stopped clapping and looked down at his pant. Many speculated that the 29-year singer spits on Pine.

After six months, the Dungeons & Dragons star is setting the record straight by defending the 1D alum.

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Chris Pine Defends Harry Styles for the Spitgate Incident

Chris Pine
Chris Pine

Pine has finally opened up about the famous incident that went viral, Spigate. A video on Esquire showed the Star Trek actor speaking about the incident with the Grammy-winning musician.

He said, “Harry did not spit on me. Harry is a very, very kind guy.”

The actor also explained learning about the controversy during a plane ride. 

He added,

“I was on the plane and we’re flying back from Venice having a great time on the plane and my publicist wakes me up and says, ‘We have to craft a statement on what happened in Venice.’ She showed me the thing and it did look, indeed, like Harry spits on me. He didn’t spit on me.”

The 42-year-old recalled the singer leaning down to tell me a joke. He said, “I think Harry leaned down and said, ‘It’s just words, isn’t it?’

He added to clarify the issue saying,

“We were all jet lagged and trying to answer questions. And sometimes when you’re doing these press things, your brain goes befuddled and you start speaking gibberish, so we had a joke: ‘It’s just words.”

It comes as an official statement from Pine, although his representative has already denied the rumor calling it a “ridiculous story.”

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Source: Esquire 

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