Albus Dumbledore is one perhaps one of strongest and most mysterious wizards in the world of Harry Potter. His experience leaves him as a respectable character in the saga, with almost every wizard thinking highly of him, and many even fearing him.

In the Harry Potter lore, Dumbledore has a really rich history with some of his stories even dating back to more than hundred years before Harry Potter came into existence. Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald will also focus on a younger Dumbledore, at the time when he was only a professor at Hogwarts and was still struggling with his relationship with Gillert Grindelwald. So today, we have decided to list 7 things everyone gets wrong about Dumbledore.

7. He knows the Dark Arts
He’s the brightest wizard ever and usually distances himself from Dark Arts to become the opposite of a dark wizard. However, he was actually well versed in the Dark Arts, as revealed by Professor McGonagall.

In order to defend against dark arts, he needed to undertake it and he did that in order to defeat his enemies.

6. Wasn’t a Modest Man
While Dumbledore was a humble wizard, he was never modest. He’s known to bring up exactly how much he knows about a particular topic if it comes up.

This doesn’t mean that he was arrogant. He admits making a lot of mistakes in life and never convinced others that he was perfect.

5. Doesn’t need his wand to cast spells
In the Harry Potter films, Dumbledore always used his wand to cast spells. However, this isn’t the case in the books. He has shown that he can cast spells without saying a word or using his wand.

He can easily defeat someone in a duel without even using his wand, which reflects how skilled he was with magic.

4. Can Make himself invisible without an Invisibility Cloak
The only to become invisible in Harry Potter is to wear the Invisibility Cloak, something that has been shown on various occasions in the films.

However, Dumbledore could make himself invisible simply by using a Disillusionment charm. He could do that since the age of 17!

3. Feelings for Grindelwald only went one way
Some think that Grindelwald and Dumbledore’s relationship was mutual before they became enemies. Meaning that the two were explicitly together before turning onto each other.

However, this isn’t true as Grindelwald didn’t share the same feeling for him. It’s still unclear if Dumbledore ever told Grindelwald about how he felt but even if he did, he was most likely rejected. The two were nothing more than close friends for a while as they had similar ambitions.

2. Wasn’t always fond of Muggles
Dumbledore was initially a bit anti-muggle. Part of it had to do with his upbringing as his father was a well-known anti-muggle, but most of it had to do with his Grindelwald connection.

When they both started working together, Dumbledore got so blinded by his infatuation that he allowed some anti-muggle actions from his side. However, he realised it later.

1. Doesn’t Know Who Ended Ariana’s life
Albus’s sister Ariana lost her life during a duel between Grindelwald and Dumbledore which changed his life forever. He could never move on or forgive himself for the mishap, blaming himself for her demise.

While he’s partially blamed for her death, it’s still unclear if it was Dumbledore who cast the spell or Grindelwald.

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