The most underestimated facets of Wolverine’s mutant abilities is his potential to track people he’s looking for. He’s got superhuman senses, meaning he can sniff out a problem from miles away. Wolverine even used his nose once to practically find out Spider-Man’s biggest secret his real identity.

The Spiderman series

 spider series todd mcfarlen
Wolverine and spiderman gangs up to form a team.

In Todd McFarlane’s Spider-Man series from 1991, Wolverine was assigned to uncover about what was going on in the town of Hope, British Columbia, where children were mysteriously being murdered. They put the blame on a monster called “Wendigo” who the towns-folk considered being responsible. However, Wolverine uses his nostrils to snuff out the situation which leads him directly in the path of Peter Parker, who’s in town on straight orders from J. Jonah Jameson to click pictures of the mind-boggling monster.

Wolverine and his team up for investigation

wolverine in comics
wolverine and his mind-boggling sniffing power

Wolverine requests Peter for help with Wendigo and solving the case. However, Wolverine doesn’t hesitate by calling him Spider-Man. “Uh, what did you say?” Peter acknowledges. Wolverine than vanishes as he monologues that he’s just as amazed to see Spider-Man in British Columbia as Spider-Man is to see him. So, how did Wolverine riddle out Peter Parker was Spider-Man? It’s all in his nose. Wolverine just so happened to arrive in town at the right time in search of help. He recognized the scent of Spider-Man even in the absence of his suit and concluded that Peter Parker is the web-slinger.

Spider-mans secret identity discovered

 spider man
Spiderman and his revealed identity.

In due course of time, Wolverine and Spider-Man combined with the Wendigo and found another body in the woods. Logan even intimidates to disclose Spider-Man’s real identity if he doesn’t go along with his plan for resolving the murders. By the arc’s end, it’s disclosed a police officer sexually abused and murdered the kids and the man is ultimately murdered by hunters as he tries to escape Wolverine’s interrogation. Eventually , the comic reaches a dark conclusion but at least Wolverine and Spider-Man were successful in figuring out the killer and clear the monster’s name. Wolverine’s deep sense of smell and detective work was on full show in the series, as not only does he solve the small-town murder, but he uncovers Spider-Man’s secret identity.

Wolverine scares off spiderman,

Wolverine Scares Spiderman - Ultimate Spider-Man


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