Time flies or maybe it doesn’t. But it surely has passed. Kids these days are not waiting around for a letter from Hogwarts but the people who introduced the magical world to us are having kids. Joining Rupert Grint in starting fatherhood is Daniel Radcliffe. Radcliffe welcomed a baby boy with his partner Erin Darke in April 2023.

Radcliffe has recently been subjected to certain rumors of hitting bars and hooking up with women. These rumors raised concerns and questions alike. However, these are mere rumors. Can there be any truth to it? No one knows.

Daniel Radcliffe Raises Eyebrows with His Nightlife

Daniel Radcliffe with partner Erin Darke
Daniel Radcliffe with partner Erin Darke

The rumors about Daniel Radcliffe and his post-parenthood social life began with the screenshot of an email from the rampant gossip site Deuxmoi. The email read, “Certain theatre actor and a father of a newborn has been known to hang around bars for the past several months to hook up with women (with the permission of his recent postpartum wife.”

The email might not have specifically named Radcliffe, but people believe he was referred there. The actor has worked in theatre, and he did welcome a child with his partner.

What really fuelled these rumors was when a Reddit user posted the Deuxmoi screenshot suggesting that it might be referring to Radcliffe.

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Daniel Radcliffe’s Struggle with Alcoholism

Daniel Radcliffe
Daniel Radcliffe

In past interviews, Radcliffe candidly about the struggles he had faced with his addiction to alcohol and how he overcame them with his friends’ support. Given his history, people expressed concern saying it isn’t appropriate for him to be doing this while his wife still recovers from childbirth, while others defended the Harry Potter actor, saying there isn’t anything wrong with meeting and socializing with new people. They pointed out that the actor has been sober for years, and he isn’t doing anything illegal.

In his support, a fan shared, “Yeah, Dan is sober AFAIK. It’s possible he hangs around bars for hookups without the drinks.”

The news credibility is doubtful but it has spread like wildfire.

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Fans are Polarized by the News

Daniel Radcliffe
Daniel Radcliffe

Fan reaction to this news has been nothing if not the separate ends of the same spectrum. Some readily believe Radcliffe to be that guy looking for hookups just as his partner delivered their child. Some don’t buy a word. One fan commented: “He has the wife’s permission, let this boy live in his fantasy. (Am also curious, what bars?)”

Another said:  “It would be very out of the character we hope and believe Daniel is. I love Daniel, but we don’t really know him.”

Other discussions are similar versions of this. It’s unclear if the rumors are true, but they would likely continue until Radcliffe addresses the matter himself, which doesn’t seem likely.

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