The MCU has been ever-expanding since its very inception. Starting a decade before, Marvel Studios has always looked forward to expanding their shared universe by adding more comic characters time and again. Starting with just a few, the MCU gradually moved on to introducing other heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe fold. With more MCU shows getting added to the cannon, Marvel seems to be adding any intriguing character from the comics they can find. Now, with shows like Loki, WandaVision, and most recently released Hawkeye, Marvel is brilliantly tying in with the MCU lore and bringing us new storylines. And now, after the release of Episode 4 of Hawkeye on Disney+, many have started believing that Laura Barton was actually Mockingbird! But, was she?

Could Laura Barton Be Mockingbird?

Laura Barton
Laura Barton

If we talk about Laura Barton, her character has seemed somewhat suspicious throughout the series. Hawkeye has been airing for the past three weeks and so far, we have more questions than answers. The latest question relates to Clint’s wife Laura Barton – who has had a presence in the MCU since Age of Ultron. However, her figure has always seemed mysterious with barely any backstory provided yet. Laura is seen as a caring mother, a loving wife, and most importantly, an amazing resource for Clint Barton.

Knowing her skillset and her command over German, how do we exactly reconcile her position in Barton’s life? The character certainly has more layers to it than we have seen so far and now Marvel fans are coming up with theories related to the same.

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Who Is Mockingbird?

Mockingbird will make her debut in Hawkeye
Mockingbird will make her debut in Hawkeye

In the comics, Mockingbird was a part of the Avengers team from the Silver Age comics and has also been listed among the top 50 Avengers on more than one occasion. She was also a biologist by profession who turned into an antagonist, later becoming a hero after meeting Hawkeye. The story of Natasha and her relation with Clint in the MCU somewhat mirrors the story of Mockingbird.

The character is quite intriguing since its debut until she gets involved with Hawkeye, parting ways with her nefarious habits and ways, eventually teaming with Hawkeye. The duo even got married at a point – something that has led fans to believe that Laura could be Mockingbird. She was also a trained spy by SHIELD and was then recruited in the Avengers team.

More likely or not, Laura Barton can be Mockingbird or may have the character before she gave up on the moniker. While she seems quite plain on the surface, there might be some hidden layers to her character that we may (or may not) find out later in the series.


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