Marvel Studios is notorious for dropping Easter eggs and hints that may or may not lead to something greater. The company has continuously left promises of what could be in the future with each show and film. Hawkeye is no different.

Hawkeye has teased the development of the West Coast Avengers in the same way that introducing Kate Bishop added fuel to the Young Avengers fire. In Episode 1, Kate attracts the attention of the Tracksuit Mafia, who have followed her down to her home and set it on fire by Episode 2. She follows Clint’s advice and seeks refuge at her aunt’s empty apartment.

Hawkeye: A West Coast Avengers clue can be found not just within her aunt’s house, but also on the doorbell buzzer.


Moira Brandon was a prominent actress who later retired to her Palos Verdes house in California, as first presented in Avengers West Coast #100. The West Coast Avengers purchased the home and transformed it into the new Avengers Compound. When Hawkeye and his wife, Mockingbird, arrived to investigate, Crossfire attacked them. Moira saved them by using Crossfire’s weapon on him, but she passed shortly after. Hawkeye made her an honorary West Coast Avenger before she died.

Kate informs Clint in Hawkeye Episode 2 that her aunt’s abandoned apartment would be the ideal safe haven while the two cope with the ramifications from her donning the Ronin costume. Moira Brandon’s name appears as Kate scrolls through the door buzzer names.

Moira appears to be alive and well in this dimension, and she is currently residing in New York City rather than California.


Despite the fact that Kate never mentions her aunt’s name, it’s possible that Moira is Kate’s aunt and not just a renowned neighbour. Once more, Moira’s name appears inside the apartment, on a Creature of the Dark Galaxy poster. Furthermore, Kate’s fur-lined, silk robe, which she wears when she emerges wearing some of her aunt’s outfits, screams old Hollywood glitter. It could just be a coincidence, but the placement and screen duration suggest they could mean more.

It’s worth mentioning that Clint Barton was the initial chairman of the West Coast Avengers in the comics, with Kate Bishop later rejoining the team. Whether Moira Brandon is Kate’s aunt, a hidden resident in the building, or something else entirely, it’s evident that Marvel Studios is intentionally hinting at a future with the West Coast Avengers by utilising her name.

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