With a strong rhetoric that resonates with present times, HBO’s Watchmen was a treat to watch. The comic book show under HBO’s banner was dark and gritty and had umpteen amounts of flavor for fans of the superhero genre. Based on the Watchmen comics by Alan Moore, the show was praised by critics and viewers alike for its outstanding stories and the actors’ incredible acting chops. As a result of the critical acclaim, the show completely bowled the competition over at the recent TV Critics Association Awards. HBO’s Watchmen took home four major awards leading to speculation for its Emmy opportunities.

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Damon Lindelof’s TV project continuation of the massively popular 1986 comic book series written by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons won the highly coveted Program of the Year Award at the TV Critics Association Award. Apart from that, the show also won the award for Outstanding New Program of the Year as well as Outstanding Achievement in Movie, TV Series, or Special. Regina King, who plays Angela Abar aka Sister Night in the show, won the award for Individual Achievement in       a Drama. The show has already set up a record for being nominated for 26 Emmy Awards at the 72nd Primetime Emmy Awards show.

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The TV Critics Association Awards have been very generous to HBO this time. Apart from Watchmen, a few other HBO Originals also made it to the stage. Succession was able to win the Outstanding Achievement in Drama award. The Outstanding Achievement in Sketch/Variety Show went to A Black Lady Sketch Show, Robin Thede’s sketch comedy series.  The only major competition Watchmen in particular and HBO in overall received from a project from another studio was Schitt’s Creek, which aired its sixth and final season a while ago.

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The Watchmen show was unique and fresh, with a new mode of story-telling that defied conventional norms. The unorthodox superhero TV show told us a tale of racial hatred and exploitation that had taken over the United States of America, a country where its citizens lived in a constant state of fear because of the nation’s rampart power politics. HBO’s Watchmen is set in an alternate timeline, taking place 34 years after the events of the graphic novel series. The show reveals how a plethora of seemingly unconnected events led to a massive conspiracy in the town of Tulsa, Oklahoma. The show shows police brutality, institutionalized racism, white supremacy, and segregation of minorities connected generations of individuals together.

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The show, which was released in last year, had gained even more traction following the events of racial tensions in the United States in the year 2020. The #BlackLivesMatter campaign gained new foothold and HBO’s Watchmen, which explored a world where the oppression of minorities was rampart, became all the more relevant. The detailed description of Watchmen’s 1921 Tulsa Massacre, a dark and bleak chapter in America’s history that the United States would rather like to remain hidden, was also of particular interest. The Tulsa Massacre was Post World War I United States worst chapter of racial violence and yet most of the younger generation did not know about it until they saw HBO’s Watchmen.

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Who knows what this show is going to explore and accomplish in the following years. There is so much the show could tell us/. HBO’s Watchmen deserves all the recognition and praise it could receive. The show stars Regina King, Jeremy Irons, Jean Smart, Don Johnson, Tim Blake Nelson, Louis Gossett Junior, Tom Mison, Yahya Abdul Mateen-II, Lily Rose Smith, Adelynn Spoon, Andrew Howard, and Frances Fisher in major roles.

The official synopsis for the Series reads:

hbo watchmen regina king sister night

HBO’s Watchmen tells stories about America’s racist past in America’s racist present. Regina King, Damon Lindelof, and others tell us how they updated the legendary comic for this 2019 adaptation.

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