Fans were thrilled to bits when Hollywood’s most-watched couple, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, reunited years after their separation in 2004. The two reconnected in 2021 and got married in Las Vegas in July of the following year.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's wedding
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s wedding (Image: Instagram/@jlo)

But, recent reports says that they may be facing issues in their relationship once again. A recent report claims that Affleck might be having second thoughts, but a public appearance together leaves fans wondering what to believe about the future of ‘Bennifer 2.0.’

Though the two Hollywood stars haven’t spoken about breaking up, Benny talked in JLo’s documentary, The Greatest Love Story Never Told, about how difficult it was dealing with the media when they were engaged before. So, it might be the same reason this time, too.

Ben Affleck Reportedly Wants to End Marriage with Jennifer Lopez

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez in Gigli (Credits: Colombia Pictures)

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are having a rough patch. There are talks that the Gone Baby Gone director wants to end his marriage with the songstress, which seems extreme. A source told Page Six:

If there was a way to divorce on grounds of temporary insanity, he [Ben Affleck] would. He feels like the last two years was just a fever dream, and he’s come to his senses now and understands there is just no way this is going to work.

Rumors about them breaking up started when Can’t Get Enough singer went to the Met Gala without her husband (despite being one of the co-chairs this year), and they hadn’t been seen together for a while. Later, when Affleck was seen bare-handed without his wedding ring, in images captured by TMZ, people got more suspicious.

Was Bennifer’s Recent Appearance Together Meant to Trick the Media?

Ben and Jen: Never Say Never
Ben and Jen: Never Say Never (Credits: Prime Video)

Despite the break-up rumors, Bennifer is still going strong. The couple were spotted leaving a school event in Santa Monica together. JLo was sitting right next to Affleck in the passenger seat of the car. They arrived separately, but TMZ reported that they later had a meal together at BOA Steakhouse in West Hollywood. Some aren’t convinced with their appearance. As body language expert Judi James told The Mirror:

He is also seen behind the wheel using a gesture of exasperation, with one hand raised, fingers-upward and a teeth-baring expression on his face rather than a smile, while Jen sits with an unsmiling expression.

They were last seen together at their 15-year-old child Seraphina’s school play. And, this is their first public appearance in a while (more than a month later). But reports say the 51-year-old has been looking for a new house and staying somewhere else for the past week, according to sources who spoke with Page Six.

Lopez and Affleck don’t have children together, but they both have kids from their past marriages. Affleck was married to Jennifer Garner from 2005 to 2018, and they have three kids: Violet, who’s 18, Seraphina, 15, and Samuel, 12. Lopez was married to Marc Anthony before, and they have twins named Emme and Max, who are both 16 years old.

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