The one celebrity couple that never fails to make headlines is Machine Gun Kelly or MGK and Megan Fox. The two engaged last year together and a lot has happened regarding their relationship sign then. Rumors of a strained relationship due to infidelity from MGK’s side made the rounds for a long time. Reports of the two working on their relationship came out as the couple was spotted outside a couple’s counseling office.

Giving an insight into their relationship, Fox’s Johnny & Clyde co-star Tyson Ritter opened up about the time the rapper-turned-actor blew up after Ritter suggested a particular scene idea for their film. He also added that MGK’s angry reaction helped him with another role he had been working on around the time.

Tyson Ritter Opens Up About His Confrontation With Machine Gun Kelly

Tyson Ritter
Tyson Ritter

Amid everything surrounding Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox’s relationship, there occurred an incident where the rapper blew up with anger at Fox’s co-star Tyson Ritter. Ritter and Fox starred in the 2023 Johnny & Clyde which was not received very well critically and commercially.

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The film received a low IMDB rating of 2.4. Recently Ritter opened up about an incident that included his co-star’s partner MGK.

Megan Fox and MGK
Megan Fox and MGK

The rapper reportedly blew up with rage after hearing Ritter’s suggestion of a scene where he would insert his finger into Fox’s mouth. Although this was just a suggestion that went with the roles they played in Johnny & Clyde, it had seemed to have been enough to make MGK’s blood boil. Sharing in the recent episode of the Tuna on Toast podcast, Ritter said,

“I knew she was right there, and he just went ballistic. He kind of went maniac mode.”

Furthermore, he also added that the experience helped him a role in one of his upcoming films Prisoner’s Daughter. According to Ritter, the role also required him to explode out in rage from zero to 100 real quickly. Therefore watching MGK ended up helping him.

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More on Megan Fox’s 2023 Film Johnny & Clyde

Johnny & Clyde
Johnny & Clyde

The upcoming film Johnny & Clyde directed by Tom DeNucci explores the story of the two titular characters who are lovers and partners in crime. They go on endless crime sprees with their sight set on running the Casino belonging to the crime lord Alana.

The film premiered at the Toronto Film Festival last year. However, it did not receive much critical success as is evident from its low IMDB rating of 2.4. Johnny & Clyde was released on 5th May. The lead roles are played by Avan Jogia (Johnny) and Ajani Rusell as Clyde. It also stars Megan Fox and Tyson Rusell.

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