Charlie Sheen was once a beloved star of the hit sitcom Two and a Half Men, but his behavior behind the scenes led to his controversial exit. While some of his co-stars still keep in touch with him, others witnessed his decline firsthand. In his final season, it became evident to those behind the scenes that Sheen was struggling. Co-star Jon Cryer spoke out about Sheen’s declining performance, saying that his timing and punchlines were starting to fall behind compared to what he was once capable of. Cryer also revealed that Sheen was making poor decisions off-camera, leading to a spiral down the stretch.

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While Sheen was eventually calmed down by Cryer, his final shoot was still difficult. Sheen screwed up every line during a scene with Cryer and left the set immediately after the taping, leaving Rosenblum and Roth standing by his trailer.

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Charlie Sheen’s Final Days on Two and a Half Men

As the eighth and final season of Two and a Half Men began, Charlie Sheen’s behavior started to change, according to Jon Cryer. Sheen looked gaunt, pale, and even sweaty at times, and started talking to himself. His timing began to slip, and he was rushing lines. Cryer revealed that Sheen asked to hold onto a couch for the duration of a scene during rehearsals, indicating that his health was a concern.

“Charlie didn’t look so good as we started our eighth season in fall 2010: gaunt, pale, sallow, even sweaty occasionally. He started talking to himself. Most of all he just looked thinner, in a not-good way,” Cryer revealed with the Hollywood Reporter.

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Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer on the Sets of Two and a Half Men

“His timing started to go off, too. He was rushing lines. Charlie just wasn’t hitting the jokes the way he used to. One time during rehearsals to choreograph the movement for a scene, he asked, “Can I just stand next to this couch?” He wanted to hold on to it for the duration of the scene.”

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Sheen’s last day on set was particularly chaotic. He was told he had to meet with showrunners Chuck Lorre and Peter Roth, a meeting that he was not happy about. Backstage, Sheen became increasingly manic and had to be calmed down by Cryer.

Cryer revealed, “This official-meeting shit was the kind of thing that drove Charlie up a wall. Backstage, he was talking to himself and getting madder and madder.”

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“Gabe and Janice, his respective makeup and hair people, were trying to do their jobs while he fidgeted and smoked. He started to get manic as he psyched himself for what he assumed was a meeting of incredible importance.”

During a scene with Cryer, Sheen screwed up every line and had to regroup after a few minutes. After the taping finished, Sheen left the set without attending his post-show meeting, leaving Rosenblum and Roth standing by his trailer.

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Charlie Sheen’s Potential Return and The Disappointing Two and a Half Men Finale

Despite his controversial exit, Sheen was open to a return for the show’s finale. He had an idea for an emotional reunion with Jon Cryer, but creative differences with Chuck Lorre led to the idea being scrapped. Lorre’s idea involved Sheen going on a maniacal rant about drug abuse before a piano fell on him, which Sheen did not find amusing.

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The finale of Two and a Half Men ultimately went down as one of the most disappointing in television history. Fans were hoping for a satisfying conclusion to the show, but instead, they were left with a lackluster episode that failed to live up to expectations. Charlie Sheen‘s absence was felt throughout the episode, and his potential return could have added some excitement to the finale. However, the creative differences between Sheen and Lorre ultimately led to a missed opportunity.

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