Amid the Deadpool 3 rumors, Hugh Jackman recently shared that he lost his beloved dog just a month before his 12th birthday. He shared the unfortunate news on his Twitter account. The actor was frequently spotted on walks with his dog, Dali, in New York City throughout the years. Dali was a French Bulldog. Fans unite on Twitter and try to cheer up their favorite actor.

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The actor shared a picture with his dog on Twitter

Hugh Jackman
The actor shared a picture with his dog

Hugh Jackman shared a picture with his dog, Dali, on his Twitter and wrote a message,

“Dali, our beloved Frenchie, passed away last night. He would’ve been 12 next month. I always, called him the ROCKSTAR. Because he was! We’ll miss him so much but know he’s howling in heaven and enjoying the all can eat buffet! RIP Dali rockstar Jackman”

His fans showed support by sending cheerful messages and also by sharing pictures of their own dogs.

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Fans sent heartwarming messages to cheer up the actor

Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman with his dog, Dali

The actor’s fans sent heartwarming messages to cheer him up and also shared pictures of their own dogs.

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Hugh Jackman recently revealed that he maintains a journal

Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman revealed that he maintains a journal

Actor Hugh Jackman recently revealed in an interview with Vanity Fair that he journals every day to address his own “stunted” emotions. The X-Men star said he’s happy to see traditional attitudes toward masculinity evolving. He said,

“A lot of what I grew up with in Australia, a very patriarchal society, is being entirely challenged and broken down daily; this whole idea, when I was growing up, that somehow girls became women but you had to make boys into men—had to push them, challenge them. I was actually quite a scared kid. I remember being scared a lot, but you weren’t allowed to be scared. Men are now being encouraged to be empathetic, to understand your feelings, to have a vocabulary around feeling.”

He revealed that the journaling practice, which was recommended to him by his therapist, has proven to be an invaluable tool in acknowledging these emotions.

Source: Twitter

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