Superman’s deadliest enemies have teamed up! Superman, who has already faced the combined wrath of many oh his enemies in Action Comics, is now devastated by Lex Luthor’s coordinated attack. And now, an all-out war has been erupted in the streets of Metropolis, with the Justice League heroes.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead for Action Comics #1020.

The Teenage League

The Teen Heroes: The Teenage Justice League
The Teen Heroes: The Teenage Justice League

The League needs immediate reinforcements, which fortunately is received from the teenage superheroes of The Young Justice League, led by Superboy. The Superboy that we are talking about here is not the son of Lois Lane and Clark but instead Superman’s clone Conner Kent. And our Superboy has also decided to have a super introduction in Action Comics #1020; Conner managed this by destroying the Headquarters of Legion of Doom.

The Clone Story

Connor Superboy v/s New 52 Superboy
Connor Superboy v/s New 52 Superboy

The reality-altering events of Flashpoint were followed by the removal of Conner from the DC Universe. And now, Conner is replaced by a distinct clone of Superman New 52; This is the one who was mixed with the genetic material of Lois Lane. Earlier it was Jon, the young son of Clark and Lois’ who had taken up the role of The Superboy to save the day alongside his father. While Conner remained absent for years.

The Conner Case

Superboy Connor is Now Back!

Somehow, Conner had posed as the husband to a Gemworld woman named Lopi. Unlike his counterpart New 52, Conner has the genetic material drawn from Superman and Luthor; it combines the best and the worst of Metropolis. Conner has always struggled with his conflicting heritage being aware of his potentials. However, Luthor is mindful of Conner’s culture, and Conner reaffirms his resistance to Luthor in an impressive way.

In the latest issue of Action Comics #1020, Conner will meet his genetic parent for the first time face-to-face. Conner will also get established as an avowed enemy of Lex Luthor, And the meeting of Superman and Conner is sure to mark the start of an all-new partnership in the DCU.

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