The Queen of Latin Music, Shakira is going through a hard time, especially this year. Not only is she disheartened because of the shocking split with her longtime partner Gerard Pique, but she is also engaged in legal trouble. In addition to that, her ex-partner has already moved on from their relationship, the singer is rumored to get together with her former lover whom she dated before the Barcelona defender just to make him jealous.

The Colombian singer Shakira

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Shakira and Gerard Pique Broke Up Amid The Latter’s Infidelity Rumors

Gerard Pique and  Shakira
Gerard Pique and Shakira split up back in June this year

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The former couple, Gerard Pique and Shakira‘s separation was announced through a joint statement back in June this year. Their split occurred amidst the rumors that stated that the Barcelona footballer was cheating on his longtime partner.

Though the ex-couple did not state the reason for their separation, Pique went public with his new girlfriend Clara Chia Marti, just after a month after their official separation.

The former couple share two children, Milan and Sasha. They are engaged in the custody of their children along with the possessions they co-owned.

While the footballer is busy dating Marti, Shakira is sparking new rumors with her former boyfriend Antonio de la Rúa.

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Shakira’s Sparking Dating Rumors With Antonio de la Rúa

Shakira and Antonio de la Rúa
Shakira With Her Ex-Boyfriend Antonio de la Rúa

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The 45-year-old singer was formerly involved in a romantic relationship for more than a decade with Antonio De la Rua, with whom she separated before getting involved with the Barcelona footballer. For the unversed, De le Rua is a lawyer by profession.

According to the Argentine TV program Socios del Espectáculo Karina Lavícoli, the duo have contacted each other via telephone. The singer’s former love interest has shared his desire to help the singer in her difficult time. The reports have also claimed that they will likely meet in Miami.

The presenter shared, “I am in a position to say that Shakira and Antonio de la Rúa have resumed contact through phone calls and meetings that are planned for later because she is going through a very difficult time. This is a bombshell!”

Though nothing is confirmed if the duo will reignite their relationship or if is he helping the singer in her lawsuits, their agreement to meet in Miami will further reveal the alleged pair’s future.

Source: Marca

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