It’s been over a year since David Corenswet was cast as the new Superman, and the anticipation is reaching epic heights. The actor totally fits the Superman image, especially with his strong build. Now, people can’t wait to see him bring the iconic superhero to life on screen.

All-Star Superman

To achieve that superhero physique, Corenswet has been hitting the gym hard and following a dedicated training program. However, unlike Henry Cavill, his training journey has a surprising spin. There’s one food item on his menu that acts as his own personal ‘Kryptonite’ – a weakness that the 30-year-old actor probably can’t resist, even though he’s following a strict diet.

To those unaware, Cavill followed a strict regimen to portray Superman. The British actor’s diet was very high in protein. His Kryptonite was junk food, which contains high levels of fat and sugar. Meanwhile, he had to consume around 5,000 calories every day. So, instead of indulging in junk, the now 41-year-old opted for healthy sources of protein like chicken, fish, and eggs.

Trainer Reveals David Corenswet’s Superman Training Diet Weakness

David Corenswet
David Corenswet in a still from Pearl

To get the superhero physique of Superman, David Corenswet worked hard for five months with trainer Paolo Mascitti. His trainer’s goal was to help him gain a huge 40 pounds of muscle. They focused on exercises like bench presses, pull-ups, and rows that work multiple muscles at once.

They used a technique called progressive overload, where they kept increasing the weight and reps to make the muscles grow. The Philadelphia native had to hit the gym three to four times a week for two hours each session, even while filming.

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Mascitti made sure the Superman actor used the right form and moved his muscles through their full range of motion for the best results. Despite his dedication, Corenswet seems to have a weakness for something in his diet that his trainer had to help him manage. As Mascitti said in an interview with GQ Magazine:

“He was on around 6,000 calories a day and his diet was strict, but not as strict as I would have liked. Half of his training had to be done over FaceTime and half in person as he wasn’t in Los Angeles all the time. We’d speak remotely and I’d ask him about his diet and he’d be eating cereal! He’d ask, ‘What’s wrong with cereal!?'” 

Despite the cereal slip-ups, the professional trainer thinks Corenswet is perfect for Superman because he’s realistic about himself and the role.

Nick Hoult’s Versatile Workout Prep for Lex Luthor Role

Nichola Hoult in Renfield
Nichola Hoult in Renfield

Playing Superman’s rival Lex Luthor, Nicholas Hoult chose a different path. Inspired by a comic book storyline where Luthor takes pride in his strong body, the 34-year-old mixed his own training with sessions led by his personal trainers.

Although the specifics of his routine aren’t known, he stressed the importance of eating well and enjoying different workouts like weightlifting and cardio. This dedication was key since David Corenswet’s big muscle gain meant Luthor had to look strong enough to stand up to Superman.

Even with the pressure to look like superheroes, the vibe on set stayed upbeat. Trainer Paolo Mascitti talked about a “friendly competition” between Corenswet and Hoult, where they both pushed themselves hard.

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Superman is set to release on 11th July, 2025!

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