After waiting for literally decades to see a Justice League movie in live action and not an animated one, when fans got to see the Justice League movie this year, the reactions were mixed. While the action and costumes were to die for, Zack Snyder’s movie did not make the cut where story and narration was concerned. A lot of the blame for the incoherent mess was put on changes Joss Whedon made during the re shoots and the editing. Some people have been of the opinion that it would have been a fine movie if it was told the way it was told the first time, and not the “cooked by many chefs” product that was put out in the end. The discussion about the re shoots has mostly coalesced on the mustache that Henry Cavill had decided to keep for the Mission Impossible project that he was doing at that time. The apparent CGI that was added to get rid of that had fans in a tizzy, with Cavill’s twisted mouth being a cause for ridicule. Again, that was not the only thing that fans found off. Through some shrewd and sharp observations, they have managed to discover that a certain angle of Superman’s hands in some shots reveals that there might be CGI added to his hands too. Looking at the weird angles, one has to ask: what are those arms supposed to be and what were the makers thinking when they were doing this?

The still shot of the movie came from a Twitter handle, and we see clearly that the hands just do not look right. They are very light as compared to the rest of his skin, and even more, the edges of the hands are fuzzy like pixel fuzzy at the edges. This bad CGI work was seen elsewhere in the movie – Superman’s moustache and Steppenwolf’s entire get-up.In fact, it is just puzzling how a movie that has such a large budget would end up with such second grade visual effects.

If you are wondering why the moviemakers CGI’d out Man of Steel’s hands, it might be simple. Henry Cavill may have been holding his arms in some way other way and the scene wanted closed fists, so instead of reshooting, they opted for CGI, which is fine except that one expects the mighty DC and Warner Brothers labelled Justice League movie to not do such as atrocious job. In fact, the bad CGI here was reflective of a larger problem with the movie.

The superhero movies today need a lot of CGI to make the fantastic stories believable but it seem that the Justice League movie overdid it. Even though it has been several months since its release, it seems that fans have not had enough criticising the various failings. At the beginning of the movie, we see Batman punch out a Parademon who were created out of CGI, and we keep seeing these creatures in the whole movie. Then there is Cyborg who was created entirely out of CGI, which has angered a lot of fans of the machine man. The final battle scene of the movie where the superheroes confront Steppenwolf is also totally
CGI and it seems that in the midst of all the reshoots and intensive CGI there were kinks that were never ironed out. The bad visuals, just like other things, just did not come together for this movie.

However, there are plenty of upcoming movies for DC and Warner Brothers to even the score and release a critical hit. Aquaman and Shazam! Are just around the corner from us, and there is also the sequel Wonder Woman 1984 directed by Patty Jenkins that will be looking to make another successful run at the box office.

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