Meghan Markle has been the center of the spotlight ever since her marriage to Prince Harry. The couple has moved away from the Royal family and publicly discussed the reasons for the same. The duo’s time with the Royal family was emotionally and mentally draining. Now, it seems like due to the couple’s comments about the family, the Queen is not a fan of the Duchess.

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The Queen doesn’t like Meghan Markle’s obsession with publicity

Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth doesn’t like Meghan Markle

According to National Enquirer, the Queen is critical of the Duchess’s attention-seeking personality. The source told National Enquirer,

“Her Majesty believes Meghan and her publicity-obsessed antics pose a real threat to the monarchy. As she faces her final days, Elizabeth detests this self-centered newcomer for tearing Harry from his family to start a new life together in America.”

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Sources claim the Queen hates Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle
Source claims Meghan Markle using Prince Harry for attention

The source also claimed that the Suits star is only with the Prince due to his fame, “The truth is it’s the Hollywood life Meghan always dreamed of for herself, and Harry is her meal ticket.” They also stated that the Queen ‘hates’ the actress, “She hates that the Duchess of Sussex betrayed her. Now, Meghan seems set to use her title for an ambitious career in politics – a total no-no for British royalty.”

The Queen is running out of patience due to Meghan Markle’s actions

The Duchess of Sussex
The Queen can barely tolerate the Duchess

According to the source, the Queen can only tolerate the Duchess’ actions for so long.

“I’m told Her Majesty has run out of patience with the woman who keeps thumbing her nose at the royals. And she’s letting it be known behind palace doors.”

It seems like the differences between the two are too complex to be resolved. Hopefully, the Queen’s hatred towards the Duchess will not have a negative impact on her mental health.

Source: Geo News

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