At least that is what advertisers and news channels ask us each other–right? It is a culture of cables slicing. That media conglomeration needs its own streaming service like Netflix. Due to a huge migration of cable led to the massive growth of streaming apps.


What began as a $10 monthly Netflix subscription has now become much larger. To order to compare the different options, we wanted to collect the rates for all subscription services . Should a user register for the most basic ad-free experience (when available), consumers would have a monthly charge of $13 per service.


WarnerMedia will release the largest range of HBO Max in the upcoming Streaming Wars in May next year. HBO Max would start at $14.99, which was publicly announced at a conference by the company on October 29, a value lower than anything on this chart. That’s because the product will include the whole collection from DC Comics, TV shows, the whole Hanna Barbera store, Rick and Morty, and hundreds of other items, and will include the live HBO Channel plus the entire Warner Media House.



Currently, YouTube Red, a possible Google streamer, is YouTube Premium. How you used to be Many users can be turned off at $12 a month because of the lack of original programming–especially for giants like Hulu. Apart from the iconic Cobra Kai, the season after season is widely acknowledged, viewers obtain certain benefits, such as YouTube videos or music playing, which is simplified on your phone by the YouTube software.


HULU – $11.99

HULU Subscription

It has a growing list of original content that it carries. Hulu has the luxury of downloading new episodes the day it airs live. The ad-free option of Hulu is $11.99 per month, although it is only $5.99 per month for cheaper ads.



CBS All Access ‘ ad-free options are $9.99/month after a week trial featuring the likes of Star Trek: Discovery and Jordan Peele’s Twilight Zone reboot. Like Hulu, the service offers $5.99 per month for ad-supported services.



WWE Network has one package available at $9.99 a month as a platform of sports entertainment. Although the platform often has wrestling-centred publicity, it’s the lonely place you can watch the monthly PPV of the Wrestling equipment … Plus it has many other types of rubber content.



Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime subscription

 This platform is offering, is another major player in the world of streaming video. It wasn’t too long ago when you had to sign up for Prime Video to take advantage of Prime Video for an annual fee of $100. Now the company led by Jeff Bezos is offering $8,99 a month’s Prime Video a la carte option.


NETFLIX – $8.99


Since then, Netflix is the business that has all begun, offering three different packages that begin at only $8.99, with the lowest “Free” bundle. The concern is that simple software only broadcasts standard definition on one screen at a time. You will have to upgrade to “Standard” to get HD, which also allows you to stream on two screens simultaneously. If you are a cinephile, you want to subscribe to Netflix ‘ “Premium” package that includes 4 K UHD on four screens simultaneous streaming. The three plans offer a free one-month trial for new users.


STARZ – $8.99

Like a premium fellow HBO network, Starz has a $8.99 standalone streaming platform-or you can add a small discount to some other bundles such as Prime Video.



Crunchyroll also sells a $7.99 bundle every month as a fan favourite. You may sign up for long periods of time to obtain greater discounts if you are committed enough to the program. The option for three months is $22.99, and the annual subscriptions are $6.66 per month. ($7.66/million).


DISNEY+ – $6.99

On November 12 for just $6.99 per month the long-awaited service from The Walt Disney Company. This package is also bundled with a Hulu and ESPN+ version supported by ads for $12.99 a month, as previously announced.



The ad-free experience starts at only $5.99 a month for a two-screen package for the majority of animated enthusiasts. Only two more dollars ($7.99) give users five total streams and a host of goods, such as offline viewing. If you are faithful to the service, you can sign up for a $99.99 yearly “Premium Plus Super” Funimation bundle including all deals.


SHUDDER – $5.99

The only horror-based platform on this list costs just $5.99 a month, or $56.99 ($4.75) if you pay annually. As with most other things on this list, a free one-week trial comes out.


APPLE TV+ – $4.99

The latest addition to this list is from the Apple from Cupertino. It is also the cheapest on the list. It is the expensive brand. From November 1 on, customers will have only $4.99 a month to register for the product.

Source: Comicbook

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