Earlier, The View‘s Alyssa Farah Griffin revealed the advice Whoopi Goldberg gave her after she accepted the hosting gig. She was named as a permanent co-host of The View in August of this year after previously making several guest appearances. The host also revealed that she was taught to monitor her words carefully and that whatever she said could spark an international conflict. And a big mistake happened right after that.

Sunny Hostin and Alyssa Farah Griffin
Sunny Hostin and Alyssa Farah Griffin

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Stress in the conversation increased in an episode when, Alyssa Farah Griffin pointed out Sunny Hostin’s comments from last week’s conversation, telling her she had called white republican women cockroaches. The host immediately corrected her comment by telling her she’d misquoted her from what she actually meant.

Alyssa Farah Griffin and Sunny Hostin Gets Into a Tense Argument on The View

Sunny Hostin clashes with Alyssa Farah Griffin
Sunny Hostin clashes with Alyssa Farah Griffin

After Alyssa Farah Griffin tried to misquote Hostin’s comment, she replied with “let me answer” and eventually the whole conversation became complete chaos. Hostin’s temper rose so much that she desperately shouted at her co-hosts while asserting her statements. She actually meant to say “Suburban women are now going to vote Republican. It’s almost like roaches voting for raid.” As the conversation went more serious, Whoopi Goldberg begged them by saying “I’m gonna ask you tone it down a bit, ’cause I can’t hear anything. No one can hear what’s being said.” After the table became silent Hostin further added:

“I called white women roaches, which, my mother is a white woman. So I wouldn’t say that. Second of all, what I used was a metaphor, really more of a simile. And I said, white women republicans, I just read a poll that the Suburbans are now voting Republican. That is like roaches voting for raid.”

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Following the argument, she explained that she said the roaches line from John Leguizamo and had previously said it on The View about Latino voters, but nobody ever said or pointed out anything about it. As Griffin tried to get a word in, Hostin interrupted and made her statement clear.

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Whoopi Goldberg Handles a Heated Clash Over Sunny Hostin’s ‘Roaches’ Comparison

Whoopi Goldberg saves the show from fight
Whoopi Goldberg saves the show from a fight

Whoopi Goldberg attempted to handle a heated on-air clash over Sunny Hostin’s “roaches voting for Raid” comparison. Hostin and Griffin continued to speak over one another before Goldberg stepped in. She handled the situation very professionally and raised her voice as she repeated herself. After Hostin made herself clear, Goldberg calmed the situation by taking a break and said “we will be right back.” After the break, Griffin elaborated on her stance and why she felt the need to call Hostin out for her words.

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