The very famous Captain William T. Riker played by Jonathan Frakes is appears in two major Star Trek series on Paramount+ and the Star Trek: The Next Generation legacy hero has become the best reboot of the franchise.
Frakes reprised his role as Riker in the Star: Trek: Picard season1 and reuniting with Jean- Luc Picard played by Patrick Stewart and Deanna Troi played by Marina Sirtis.
Riker and Troi then even went on to star in the animated series Star Trek: Lower Decks and he is back as the Captain of the USS Titan in Season 2.

Commander Riker; the First Officer of the USS Enterprise- D and E; was the main character on Star Trek: The Next Generation and the four TNG movies.
On TNG, Riker’s character was incredibly well developed and ended up starring in the multiple episodes.

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Riker was leading the Enterprise and even saved Captain Picard from the Borg in “The Best of Both Worlds”, which were undoubtedly the finest moments of William Riker.

But however in the TNG movies, Riker was sadly de- emphasized and ended up becoming a mere supporting character all while Picard, Data played by Brent Spiner and Worf played by Michael Dorn became the films’ big three lead.

Of course, Riker did make his appearances in the other Star Trek series like most of the actors who have worked on it; but it always felt like a letdown that fans didn’t get to see their favorite character Rider finally become a Captain and take command of his own ship the Titan, after Star Trek: Nemesis.

But don’t be sad as Captain Riker is experiencing a welcome renaissance in the Star Trek Shows on Paramount+.
Jonathan Frakes is a director primarily who has managed many episodes of  Star Trek: Discovery and Picard, and he’s beloved as the casts’ favorite director.
So it is no surprise that Frakes as also donned his Starfleet uniform time and gain to make his comeback as Captain Riker in order to fulfill his fans’dreams.
That just means that Star Trek fans not only hot to see Rider and Troi as married parents in the Star Trek: Picard but he also saved Jean- Luc’s bacon quite heroically while being the Captain of the USS Zheng- He at the end of the season 1.

star trek lower decks season 2 cast jonathan frakes martina sirtis

And what’s even better is the fact that Captain Riker runs the USS Titan in Star Trek: Lower Decks and this version of Riker is extremely hilarious; he is shown as a wildman who is still in his prime and extremely enjoys commanding his own starship (finallly!!! ikr?)

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Star Trek: Lower Decks is set in 2380 which is 20 years prior to the Star Trek: Picard, and that just means that the fans are going to get to see two different versions of Captain Riker and we are sure we will love the new (technically old one) equally a lot!

Fans are used to see the elder version of Riker who is wise and patient; after all he has suffered from the death of his son Thaddeus but despite of it, he is happy and fulfilled in his life, he is married to Deanna and is father to Kestra.

But on the other hand, the younger William Riker is a bold person who will take any risks and won’t let the responsibilities of commanding the Titan  keep him away from anything.

Jonathan Frakes has been playing Riker since the 1987 and he is elated with these two new different personalities of Riker. And he still gets to play Riker boldly adventuring in the galaxy as the Captain of his own ship and on another hand  he also gets to be age-appropriate and explore Riker as a settled family man who has done his duty for Starfleet.

Captain Riker might just be Stark Trek’s best reboot! (And we love him)

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