The world of superheroes expanded with Invincible landing on the scene with great suave and power. The influence of his dad Omni-Man is quite omnipotent as he tries to escape his shadow and find his footing in the world. Season 2 of Invincible just premiered its final episode and with that came a lot of surprises and shocks for the fans. A certain web-slinging hero did make an appearance, as people have been guessing so far, but it was not who you think.

Who does Josh Keaton Voice in Invincible Season 2 Finale?

Invincible on Prime Video
Invincible on Prime Video

For die-hard Spider-Man fans, it will not take long to recognize the iconic voice behind Peter Parker and Spider-Man in The Spectacular Spider-Man animated series along with many other related titles. Josh Keaton is the man behind the animated mask, who puts Spidey’s thoughts into words in various animated shows. In a multiversal madness quip, Keaton made a surprise appearance in the finale episode of Invincible season 2.

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However, he did not play the OG Peter Parker in the episode. He voiced a character called Agent Spider in an alternate universe who is fighting a villain called Omnipotus. Fans were quick to connect the dots and see that these two characters are closely similar to Spider-Man and Dr. Octopus. Talking about bringing the character alive on screen, showrunner Robert Kirkman spoke to Variety about the legal challenges that Amazon’s legal team put them through and the ultimate vision to get a known actor to voice the part. On choosing Keaton, he said,

“He had worked on it and said Josh was great. He seemed like the best possible choice because it’s animation to animation. It seemed like it would be a fun thing. That said, he’s not playing Spider-Man. That’s Agent Spider. There might be some similarities, but I think Josh’s nuanced performance as Agent Spider is completely different than the way he played Spider-Man in “Spectacular Spider-Man.” But who knows? My opinion may be somewhat biased.”

Kirkman further dives into the intricacies of legal trouble that they might get into with Marvel. However, the creator assures us that it was Amazon’s legal team’s responsibility to ensure no overlaps and that both characters look different. Ultimately, the multiversal drama in Invincible season 2 proved quite worth it as we also got a glimpse of a character that looked oddly similar to Batman. Mark Grayson fought the villain Angstrom Levy with great effort and was able to trust his powers again.

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What to Expect from Invincible Season 3?

A still from Invincible season 1
A still from Invincible Season 1

As soon as the second season came to a close, fans started clamoring to know when the third season would be out. An intriguing show like Invincible needs to continue telling its story with newer and more exciting villains. Moreover, even the secondary characters on the show are interesting, such as Mark’s alien half-brother Oliver who will be aging rapidly in season 3, as Kirkman shared in the interview with Variety.

While the creator did not give an outright answer on our expectations for the upcoming season, he did share one important detail about the villains in season 3. When asked if the Viltrumite characters in the comics, Conquest and Thragg, might make an appearance soon, Kirkman replied that one of the characters has already been cast. This means that we will certainly be introduced to this clan of villains in season 3 of Invincible. On top of that, we will also see how Mark and Eve’s relationship evolves after the events of a thrilling season 2.

Invincible season 1 and 2 are streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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