eartbreaking finale in Stranger Things 3

Stranger Things Season 3’s most heartbreaking moments come when Chief Hopper presumably passes away. He’s captured on the wrong side of the system when Joyce Byers has to close Russian rift to the Upside Down. Hopper’s death is further supported by the ending in which Eleven relocates with Joyce. However, a Reddit concept recommends Hopper might still be alive. His return could be through a letter to Eleven, which she read before leaving Hawkins.

Hint in Hopper’s letter to Eleven

Hint in Hopper’s letter to Eleven from Stranger Things 3
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Joyce gives Eleven the letter Hopper contacted her when they evacuate to leave. In it, there’s a clue that might be the key to his salvation. He finishes: “But, please, if you don’t mind, for the sake of your poor old dad, keep the door open 3 inches.” It seemed like a nod to him, making sure El and Mike weren’t too passionate. Some fans believe the Duffer bros are referencing an arc entailing the Upside Down and also Hopper’s return.

Hopper’s status in Strangers Things Season 4

Hopper’s status in Strangers Things Season 4
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Since there was nobody after the reactor blew up, Hopper might be in the Upside Down. Fans think he might have run away from the reactor’s surge. He might have leapt, or drawn right into the break as Joyce shut it. It could be something she would not have seen as the reactor’s power generated a blinding light. As for the door in the letter, they believe it’s the break Eleven will now have to open up to fetch Hopper.

Doubters have pointed out; Hop might well be the “American” the Russians are keeping in their laboratory in Kamchatka. If that’s the situation, Eleven and also her good friends would need to go to Russia, not Upside Down. However, some suggest our heroes may use the Upside Down to reach Kamchatka, as the Russians are still operating their rift. In other words, it becomes a passageway between 2 nations, providing scary terrain to browse. And also, exactly how else would indeed they find or access to the wintery Soviet base?


It would be shocking if this fatality sticks.  Yet, the Duffer brothers could only be revealing fans how high-stakes these journeys get, despite the laughs and cheesy 80’s feel. However, as usual, there’ll be optimists who assume it’s meant too early to kill off such a compelling character with so much tale to tell.

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