Be prepared to be scared as these horror films are not for the light-hearted. While possession films in Hollywood seem overdone now and not many are too different from each other, we have shortlisted 7 best possession films till date. So, turn off the lights and grab some popcorn and turn off the lights, if you dare.

7. The Exorcist (1973)
This classic from 1973 is what started it all. It’s loosely based on true events. The story shows Regan troubled and acting strange, speaking in tongues. His mother seeks medical help but nothing really helps.

She is helped ultimately by a priest who performs an exorcism on Regan. The bed scene where the priest performs the rituals is too much for many people till date.

6. Paranormal Activity (2007)
Made in a budget of $11,000, this film earned a whopping $193 million for Paramount.

The film shows a young couple named Katie and Micah who move into a new house together. With time, Micah learns that Katie has been seeing demons since childhood and one of them has returned to haunt her again with an angry vengeance.

5. Insidious
After Renai and Josh Lambert’s son fell into a coma, they begin looking for answers in the paranormal world. After seeing shadows and hearing noises, they call in Lorraine and a group of paranormal investigators.

We ultimately get to know that their son had gone way too far in a purgatory realm called “The Further” and now he must be brought back.

4. The Amityville Horror
It all begins with Ronald Defeo murdered his while they’re asleep. Why? Because some voices asked him to. Later, the Lutz move in and like DeFeo, Lutz also reported the same voices and seeing paranormal figures in the house.

It was so bad that they didn’t even return to get their furniture belongings.

3. Veronica
This Spanish film takes place during a solar eclipse when Veronica and her friends summon the spirit of Veronica’s father using an Ouija board.

Soon, Veronica looses consciousness and gets possessed With evil demons. And well, this story is also inspired by true events.

2. The Exorcism of Emily Rose
It’s not a film with a happy ending. Father Richard Moore, who attempted the exorcism got arrested and sent to court for trial.

Rest of Emily’s story is shown through flashbacks and evidence by witnesses. She spoke in various tongues and suffered from epilepsy and psychosis. This story is also based on a true story and focussed on the science vs religion card.

1. Ouija: Origin of Evil
This sequel is way between than the original. It takes place in LA in 1967, focusing the home of the widowed Alice Zander. Dorris, her youngest daughter misses her father and tries to contact him via an Ouija board.

However, things obviously don’t go according to the plan and a merciless spirit takes over Doris. The film’s special effects are top notch which gives a more eerie tone to the film.

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