It seems like Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner’s lies are finally catching up to them. The answer to what made North West’s mommy famous is something we all know but might not say out loud. However, it has been none other than the Kardashian family itself that keeps bringing it up every time they get a chance. Ray J was forced to break his silence back in May this year when the viral Kim K s*x tape was brought up several times in Hulu’s The Kardashian. 

And this time around, the singer has gone all out with revelations about the 15-year-old controversy. The reason? Kris Jenner tried to swipe her robe off of any allegations of leaking the said s*x tape.

Ray J and Kim Kardashian
The 15-year-old controversy that’s fueling fresh fires

The “inhumane and foul” mother-daughter duo

Kris Jenner recently appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden, where she was asked during a lie-detector test if she helped Kim K release her s*x tape. The momager gave a reply in the negative, and the lie-detector test affirmed her answer.

Kris Jenner on The Late Late Show giving lie detector test about Kim Kardashian sex tape
Kris Jenner on The Late Late Show with James Corden

Ray J did not take lightly these shenanigans and went all out on his Instagram account. In a long series of rants and revelations, the One Wish singer called the mother-daughter duo “inhumane and foul”, and mentioned how they never sued Steve Hirsch for leaking the tapes because they themselves were complicit in the whole thing.

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Ray J pulled out the big guns

To Kim K’s extreme dismay Ray Norwood pulled the big guns out this time. He posted a video of the s*x tape contract while recalling what all went down back when the parties in question were signing the papers. He said in the video:

“Here’s what happens. Kim is rushing me. Her mom’s rushing me, let’s get this shit done, come on… get it signed. Kim’s with me while I’m signing my contract, she’s like ‘hurry up babe. Matter of fact, I’ll go ahead and help you. I’m gonna sign your deliverables for you so you can just rush it through’. So Kim signs the deliverables exactly what we bout to sell… it’s her signature… it’s her handwriting… giving Steve… the right to sell it.”

Ray J revealed that Kim Kardashian signed for him in the sex tape contract
Ray J went on an intense rant session on Instagram

Ray then panned the camera towards the contract, saying:

“Look who signed my deliverables …look who was in the room with me. Look who wrote exactly what we sold. Tape number 1 – cabo intro, tape number 2 – cabo s*x, tape number 3 – here’s the one they said I had – sainta barbara s*x.”

Pointing to a signature, the singer said: “Ray J, that’s my signature. This isn’t a copy of it, this is the original.” He further said, “So what did I do? …I just pull up the handwriting of other people. I even went further because she wrote me a letter.” The I Hit It First singer then revealed that he had a formal forensic test done to compare the handwriting on the contract with letters Kim K had written to him back when they were dating. The forensic reports backed his claim as well, proving that it was Kim indeed who filled the deliverables.

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Twitter never disappoints

However, Ray J hadn’t stopped at this. He showed a letter from Kim K besides the contract to prove his claim but he also asked the fans to double-check things themselves. He said that Kardashian’s writing is a google search away and fans can compare it with the handwriting on the documents themselves. And people on Twitter have done exactly that.

Netizens went all out, pointing out every similarity they could find between the two documents.

It is apparent that the Kardashian lies are finally catching up to them.

With so much vitriol revolving around their public image, Kardashians might try damage control of some sort very soon. Or just like every controversy, they are hatching a plot for how to cash this one as well.

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Source: Twitter

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