Young Sheldon season 5 promo spot reveals The Big Bang Theory’s Howard Wolowitz cameo:

A Still Of Howard Wolowitz...NASA Payload Specialist
A Still Of Howard Wolowitz…NASA Payload Specialist.

A new Young Sheldon season 5 commercial spot shows Howard Wolowitz’s cameo from The Big Bang Theory. The character, played for 12 seasons by Simon Helberg in the CBS nerd-centric sitcom, was noted for his brash attitude and strange sense of humor, not to mention his borderline improper relationship with his mother. While Sheldon (Jim Parsons) enjoyed making fun of all of his buddies, he was especially fond of Howard since he wasn’t a physicist and didn’t have a Ph.D. like the rest of his male mates. Howard was bullied by Sheldon for years. Howard was initially defensive, but he became accustomed to it with time. When he was sent to the International Space Station, his confidence rose to the point that, even if Sheldon continued to harp on him, he would just point out that he was the only one in their group who had gone to space. Despite their continuous squabbles, the couple enjoyed a great connection. When Mrs. Wolowitz (voiced by Carol Ann Susi) died, Sheldon provided real words of encouragement to her son, who was grieving the loss of his mother. Now, nearly three years after The Big Bang Theory ended, CBS is providing viewers with an update on the state of Howard and Sheldon’s relationship.

Shared on YouTube by TV Promos is a new promo clip for Young Sheldon season 5, episode 7:

Young Sheldon Season 5
Young Sheldon Season 5 has Howard Cameo In It

A new promo clip for Young Sheldon season 5, episode 7, titled “An Introduction to Engineering and a Glob of Hair Gel,” has been shared on YouTube by TV Promos. As previously reported, Helberg is expected to make a vocal appearance in the Big Bang Theory spin-off, and this video gives fans a sense of what role he’ll play in the episode. Check it out below:

This isn’t the first time cast members from The Big Bang Theory have gotten involved in Young Sheldon:

There Have Been Several 'Big Bang Theory' & 'Young Sheldon' Crossovers
There Have Been Several ‘Big Bang Theory’ & ‘Young Sheldon’ Crossovers In The Past

This isn’t the first time The Big Bang Theory cast members have appeared on Young Sheldon. Penny voiced the water in Sheldon’s (Iain Armitage) dream in Season 3. Following that, Mayim Bialik resumed her role as Amy Farrah-Fowler in the prequel, which revealed that she and her husband now had a son named Leonard Cooper. What’s noteworthy is that CBS didn’t make those guest appearances public. The disclosure was held back until the programs themselves. So it’s puzzling that CBS has not only let Helberg’s comeback be leaked, but has also heavily exploited the character in the advertising for the forthcoming Young Sheldon adventure. Regardless of the reason, fans of The Big Bang Theory are excited to learn that one of Sheldon’s Pasadena buddies will feature in the period piece. As shown in the above video, there appears to be some classic Sheldon and Howard squabbling, which is always entertaining to watch. Perhaps Helberg’s involvement in Young Sheldon season 5 is part of CBS’ ongoing endeavor to strengthen the link between the prequel and the original series. It’s no secret that some Big Bang Theory fans are dissatisfied with the spin-lackadaisical show’s commitment to continuity. As a result, various story gaps and contradictions have emerged. Perhaps bringing back some of the cherished characters from the old sitcom can make amends.

Source: TV Promos

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