Life may not take you through the road that you want to travel, but you’ll end up at the spot that is destined to be yours. It happens to all of us, we always end up where we are destined to be and in just the way that we are deemed to be. But maybe it’s not just us! Even some comic characters have had to go through the same situation. The one we are talking about is Howard, The Duck.

The Creation of Howard The Duck

Marvel Comic Character- Howard The Duck
Marvel Comic Character Howard The Duck


Howard the Duck hatched on another planet named Duckworld, in some other universe. Duckworld resembles mankind’s Earth, including the fact that the duck here, speak English.


Steve Gerber is the actual creator of the comic character, Howard The Duck. It is a Marvel Comic character. Howard initially appeared in Adventure into Fear #19 (in Dec. 1973) and then in several other subsequent series.

The Issue of Resemblance

Donald Duck and Howard Duck being way Too Similar
Donald Duck and Howard Duck being way Too Similar

Howard The Duck soon became the third most famous duck in the world. And then, the position rose to second, and then finally the first. And this is where the trouble stirred.

In 1934, Donald Duck had already made his debut in an animated cartoon titled, The Wise Little Hen. The Donald Duck was one of Walt Disney’s creations. Disney believed that Howard Duck was way too similar to Donald Duck in appearance. Walt Disney even threatened to sue Marvel Comics for the same. To avoid the situation, both the parties entered a deal, and as a part of the deal, Marvel had to agree to design Howard according to the design submitted by Disney, which mostly involved Howard wearing pants.

The Comic Story of Pants

The Disney Designed Howard Duck
The Disney Designed Howard Duck

In the story’s opening, Howard and Beverley come across a protest over “Pet Decency,” and now people insist that animals should wear pants. Obviously, Howard included. Situations worsen, and Howard and Bev take shelter in a clothing store. Here, Wally Sidney reveals that it’s him, who is actually behind it all! Reason being that he was laughed out of the room for creating a pant wearing character, Mickey Mouse. And now, for the sake of revenge, he’ll make every animal wear pants and sell those pants to them.

Somehow, he forces Howard to follow his plan and make him try various outfits. By the end of the day, we all have in front of us, what we see as Howard Duck today.

Hope you found the story interesting! To know more such content, stay tuned.

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