Fans rejoiced recently when series creator Yoshiro Togashi suddenly took to Twitter with an update on the series that sent fans into speculation overdrive; we still had no concrete details, but there was enough information to rouse our attention and prompt us to find out more. Now, one of the assistants and co-authors has made a confession: Hunter x Hunter is getting back up and running. There’s been a long hiatus in the series since 2018 and fans have patiently waited for the next announcement about when they can expect it to return. Thankfully we finally have some juicy info about the Manga series’ big comeback.

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Hunter x Hunter: Four Chapters Left Out Of Ten

Togashi has completed “six out of ten” chapters of the Manga’s current re-run arc. He had previously stated he would be returning with ten chapter waves in between his hiatus breaks and this, according to an assistant, is what he plans to do as the mangaka is now working on chapters that will presumably be released when the series next returns – although of course there’s no concrete release date yet.

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The Assistant Also Shared How New Chapters Are Shaping Up

Togashi recently tweeted that he only has “four chapters left” to complete his latest ten-chapter release for his series, Hunter x Hunter. He also teased a sneak peek of what fans can expect. The Manga series will be diving its readers back into the Succession Contest arc. And since this is only halfway finished, it’s hard to gauge what exactly could happen next.

As the Manga series is preparing to return for ten new chapters, what do you think about this? What do you hope to see next? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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