Brad Pitt is one of the most bankable stars in Hollywood. The American actor can easily boast about being a part of commercially and critically hit projects in the entertainment industry. With his great choice of projects and terrific acting skills, the megastar has already solidified his career.

Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt

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Despite being one of the most prominent names in the world of entertainment, the Fight Club actor had a tough time dealing with alcohol addiction.

Brad Pitt Opens Up On His Alcohol Addiction

During an interview with the media outlet GQ in 2017, the Moneyball actor spoke about the different aspects of his life from his much-hyped messy divorce from his ex-wife Angelina Jolie to becoming a better human being. The 59-year-old actor even spoke about his alcohol addiction and pointed out that he is a different person now. He said-

“I mean, we have a winery. I enjoy wine very, very much, but I just ran it to the ground. I had to step away for a minute. And truthfully I could drink a Russian under the table with his own vodka. I was a professional. I was good.”

In a GQ interview in 2022, Brad Pitt spoke about how he doesn’t feel like smoking now. He mentioned-

“I don’t have that ability to do just one or two [cigarettes] a day. It’s not in my makeup. I’m all in and I’m going to drive into the ground. I’ve lost my privileges.”

Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt

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He further explained-

“Personally, I can’t remember a day since I got out of college when I wasn’t boozing or had a spliff or something. Something. And you realize that a lot of it is, cigarettes, you know, pacifiers. And I’m running from feelings. I’m really, really happy to be done with all of that.

Brad Pitt got sober after an infamous incident in 2016 when the entire Jolie-Pitt family was flying from Nice, France to Burbank, California and the actor had turned verbally and physically abusive with his kids as he was reportedly under the influence of alcohol. The actor’s behavior went on to become one of the most important reasons for the Brangelina split in 2016.

Brad Pitt Talks About The Importance Of Building A Family

During an interview with GQ in 2017, Brad Pitt spoke about the importance of building a good family. The actor said-

“I try to put these things in front of them, hoping they’ll absorb it and that it will mean something to them later. Even in this place, they won’t give a shit about that little bust over there or that light. They won’t give a shit about that inlay, but somewhere down the road it will mean something—I hope that it will soak in.”

While comparing parenting styles with the current time and his era, Brad pointed out

“It’s a different world, too. We know more, we’re more focused on psychology. I come from a place where, you know, it’s strength if we get a bruise or cut or ailment we don’t discuss it, we just deal with it. We just go on. The downside of that is it’s the same with our emotions. I’m personally very retarded when it comes to taking inventory of my emotions.”

Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt with his ex-wife Angelina Jolie and kids

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While talking about how his divorce from Angelina Jolie has impacted the fatherly figure in him, he mentioned-

“I’m much better at covering up. I grew up with a Father-knows-best/war mentality—the father is all-powerful, super strong—instead of really knowing the man and his own self-doubt and struggles. And it’s hit me smack in the face with our divorce: I gotta be more. I gotta be more for them. I have to show them. And I haven’t been great at it.”

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie broke up in 2016 and are co-parenting their six kids.

Source: GQ

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