Have you ever belted out your favorite song, only to discover later that you’ve been singing the wrong lyrics all along? It happens to everyone, even the biggest music fans out there. Sometimes, the lyrics are just so creative or mumbled that we hear them differently. Anyways, these misheard lyrics can be pretty funny and even catchy in their own way. It’s like adding your own twist to the music.

It's Gonna Be Me
Justin Timberlake in a still from It’s Gonna Be Me

Misheard lyrics can become ingrained in our minds for a few reasons. Sometimes, artists intentionally play with pronunciation to give a song more style. Other times, the melody or background music can make it hard to hear the words clearly.

And let’s not forget about cultural references! If a song mentions something from a different culture or time period that we’re not familiar with, it’s easy to misinterpret what’s being said. NSYNC’s iconic track It’s Gonna Be Me is a perfect illustration of how misheard lyrics can become part of pop culture.

Justin Timberlake Explains “It’s Gonna Be Me” Lyrics Mishap

It's Gonna Be Me
It’s Gonna Be Me

Justin Timberlake has always been a standout talent, even among the already talented members of NSYNC. His vocals are distinctive and powerful, and his stage presence is undeniable. Whenever the singer takes the mic, he’s going to deliver a performance that’s enchanting.

In It’s Gonna Be Me, his delivery of the song is spot-on, and his unique pronunciation of “me” as “May” became an iconic moment in pop music history. The whole “May” vs. “Me” debate has become part of the song’s legacy. For years, fans have sung the song, believing the chorus declares “It’s gonna be May.” But as Timberlake revealed on an episode of Hot Ones, the true lyric is actually “It’s gonna be me.”

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Max Martin is a true master when it comes to creating catchy pop tunes, and “It’s Gonna Be Me” is a prime example of his talent. The song’s strong hook grabs your attention right from the start, and the chorus is so memorable that it’s hard not to sing along. NSYNC were one of the biggest boy bands in the world at the time of the song’s release in 2000. Their large fanbase and media attention helped propel the song to the top of the charts.

Justin Timberlake’s Lyrics Also Had a Famous Host Singing it Wrong

Can't Stop the Feeling
Can’t Stop the Feeling

Justin Timberlake appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show (via EW) in 2016 to discuss his hit song Can’t Stop the Feeling. While chatting about his son Silas knowing all the lyrics, the host also revealed she sings the song too.

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She confidently belted out the climax as “just electric,” much to Timberlake’s amusement. He corrected her, insisting it’s actually “just imagine.” DeGeneres, surprised, even polled the audience to see if they agreed with her misheard lyric.

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