In the dynamic world of Star Wars, the galactic adventures never cease. One of the most fascinatingly complex heroes in the Star Wars universe is Anakin Skywalker. The one who changed himself in the name of love and ruined lives with loyalty was Darth Vader.

Played by Hayden Christensen, the portrayal of the former Jedi Knight catapulted the Canadian actor to international fame. However, in a recent interview, Christensen revealed how he did not for a minute think that he would get the part.

Hayden Christensen Did Not Think He’d Get to Play Anakin Skywalker

Hayden Christensen
Hayden Christensen

Hayden Christensen‘s Star Wars journey started when he auditioned for the role of Anakin Skywalker. He will go on to become one of the most beloved stars in the world but at the time, Christensen didn’t think he would be considered.

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At the time of his audition, Christensen was not a well-known actor and had worked in only a handful of notable projects. Hence was convinced of not landing the part. His landing the role is a tale of serendipity and passion. In a recent interview, Christensen reflected on his experience before he got the final call. He said (via Comic Book):

“I loved Star Wars, and when the audition came around, it was exciting, but it felt just unattainable. I remember meeting George Lucas for the first time and that was thrilling. And then auditioning with Natalie Portman. It was a very long process, but the entire time, I never really thought that it would ever go my way, so I was just enjoying it. Then when I got the phone call to play the part, it was a life-changing thing.”

Taking on the role was challenging in a lot of ways, and that’s where Christensen found himself feeling inexperienced. He admitted his state while filming, saying (via Comic Book):

 “We were filming in front of blue screens and green screens. It demands a lot of your imagination, and you don’t necessarily have all of the real stimuli there to react to. So it wasn’t such a leap for me. And I didn’t have the experience either, so it wasn’t like I was used to working a certain way. That was just what I knew.”

Christensen took auditioning for the most iconic roles in cinematic history as a positive experience, which is what probably made him appreciate and enjoy it to the fullest.

Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker 

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Hayden Christensen Prepared His Entire Life

Hayden Christensen as Darth Vader
Hayden Christensen as Darth Vader

Christensen harbored a passion for acting since childhood. He studied drama and theatre throughout his life. Even though he didn’t know it, he was preparing for the role that would prove to be life-changing. Christensen commented on his inexperience at the time and the passion he harbored for his craft saying (via Comic Book):

“I’d started when I was young. I developed my passion for it by studying theater in elementary school. And then I went to a performing arts high school and focused on dramatic studies.”

Christensen’s portrayal of the Darth Vader went on to become a pop culture phenomenon on its own.

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Source: Comic Book

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