Jim Carrey continues to make headlines because of a Youtube video that claims that the renowned actor was acquainted with the s*x offender Jeffrey Epstein. This has led to a series of trouble as the former’s reputation is now being affected however the YouTuber who uploaded the video is refusing to take it down even when he is now being threatened to be sued by the actor.

Jim Carrey
Canadian actor, Jim Carrey

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The actor has had his fair share of struggles in his career and personal life and became a fan-favorite celebrity through his physical comedy and dramatic film roles. Due to that, he had quite an influence in the industry which is why the recent reports are not good for him.

Jim Carrey Threatened to Take Legal Action Towards YouTuber Vincent Briatore

Jim Carrey
Jim Carrey is reportedly linked to Jeffrey Epstein

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The 61-year-old actor, Jim Carrey was mentioned in the list of high-profile celebrities who were reportedly connected with the infamous Jeffrey Epstein. It surfaced when a famous Youtuber, Vincent Briatore uploaded a video on January 16 titled “Jeffrey Epstein’s Island Flight Logs Finally Released: What does this Mean?” which featured people who allegedly visited Epstein’s private jet named Lolita Express.

Due to this video, Carrey sent a cease and desist letter to the latter through his lawyers to take down the video. The video’s content had caused “substantial damage” to the actor.

As per Julianne Heitzer, one of Carrey’s lawyers, the YouTuber has “intentionally” misled the public into believing that their client had any involvement with the infamous personality or his heinous crimes.

While he is being defamed from the video in question, the social media influencer is not backing down.

Vincent Briatore Has No Intentions to Take Down The Controversial Video 

Jim Carrey and Vincent Briatore
Youtuber, Vincent Briatore 

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While the lawyers have clarified their intentions, the influencer has denied taking down the video. He told RadarOnline about chasing this story after he found a suspicious program on the web.

“So I made a video featuring the list, his name was in it, and I also made comments about the list.”

Even though he admitted that he has yet to check the authenticity of the content in question, he is going to be investigating the same in a follow-up video. He further continued that the actor was the only one who reached out to him among several others who were named in the video.

He stated,

“I haven’t really consulted attorneys yet, but I don’t really think I should take it down – I’m going to hang in there for as long as I can.” 

Jeffrey Epstein was a convicted s*x offender who was accused of s*xually exploiting and abusing several underage girls. He was convicted of soliciting prostitution from a minor and he died by suicide in jail in 2019.

Source: Radar Online

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