Sharon Stone has been an established name in the Hollywood industry for more than 30 years. She is regarded as one of the industry’s top actresses. She has been a part of several hit movies including Catwoman (2004), The Specialist (1994), Casino (1995), and more. There was a time when Stone was acclaimed as Hollywood’s “it girl”. Moreover, she also earned a nomination for an Academy Award for her performance in Casino (1996).

Having been in the industry for so long, it’s safe to say that Sharon Stone has seen Hollywood in a number of its phases. However, according to her, the industry still hasn’t changed. 

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Sharon Stone
Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone believes Hollywood hasn’t changed in terms of gender pay disparity

Sharon Stone recently sat down for an interview with Deadline’s Read Sea Studio in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to discuss a variety of topics. During the interview, the actress said the gender pay gap was still a huge issue in Hollywood as it was thirty years ago when she did Basic Instinct

While suggesting that she was offered a big-budget movie last year where she was getting paid $500,000 while the male actor was offered $8-9 million, Stone said:

“Thirty years ago, when I did Basic Instinct, Michael Douglas made $14 million and I made $500,000. Last year, there was a $100 million film being made by a studio, and the actor, who was new, was going to be paid something like $8 million or $9 million by someone we don’t really know and the studio offered me again $500,000 to be the female lead. And I thought, thirty years later this is still happening. So, I don’t think it has changed much.”

Sharon Stone
Sharon Stone

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Sharon Stone helped Leonardo DiCaprio by paying him her wages

The name Leonardo DiCaprio needs no introduction now. He is one of the industry’s biggest names. However, his talent was recognized by Sharon Stone before anybody else. The two starred together in the 1995 movie The Quick And The Dead. 

Leonardo DiCaprio
Sharon Stone and Leonardo DiCaprio

However, the makers of the movie were a bit skeptical in casting Leonard DiCaprio who was just 21 at the time. But Sharon Stone recognized the potential that DiCaprio had and decided to pay his wages out of her own pocket in order for him to be cast in the movie. It’s safe to say that Stone’s trust in DiCaprio has paid off in a big way as the latter went on to become one of the finest actors in the industry.

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