Just as we thought the debate between the greatest rappers in the modern day was dying down, American rapper and record producer Lupe Fiasco added fuel to the fire with his recent top pick. After a very publicized rap battle between Drake and Kendrick Lamar, the fandom seems to be dividing itself to choose sides with their favorite rapper.

As more people chime in with their takes on the debate, it feels like the topic will soon be a central topic in the rappers’ respective songs. This rap battle may have no end in sight, especially after J. Cole publicly apologized and defected to Lamar’s team.

Lupe Fiasco Claims Drake is Better Than Kendrick Lamar

Rómpelo (Feat. Lupe Fiasco)
Rómpelo (Feat. Lupe Fiasco)

When Lupe Fiasco started a session on the Spaces forum on social media platform X, St. Louis rapper Aye Verb joined in and ignited the question of the greatest rapper today. He asked Fiasco to pick between Drake and Kendrick Lamar, and without missing a beat, Fiasco chose the former. To explain his choice, Fiasco added,

“Drake got bars, which you know. You know I ain’t cappin’ when I say that. So, I would give it to Drake. I think Kendrick’s a better technically skilled performer, but I don’t think he’s a better rapper.”

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Kendrick Lamar
Kendrick Lamar released a diss verse

Adding a more varied opinion on Lamar as a rapper, Fiasco continued the conversation elsewhere on the platform and added,

“I think he’s a great performer. I think he’s a great rapper. I think he makes great albums. I think he’s a great conceptualist. I think he’s a great mind. I think what he does for the culture is amazing. I love him to death. I do not think that he’s this amazing lyricist, though.”

The famous Battle Scars singer has strong opinions on the topic and he is not afraid of voicing them. At the Coachella festival, Fiasco claimed that he too is open to going to war and battling any rapper out there no matter how famous they are. The debate for the greatest rapper shows so signs of slowing down and with more artists commenting on it, it appears to be a topic on the rise.

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Lupe Fiasco’s Past Run-In With Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar
Kendrick Lamar in Swimming Pools

This is not the first time Fiasco has openly talked about Lamar’s career and his work as a lyricist. When the rapper released Control, Fiasco claimed that the verse was super overhyped. He further added that Lamar is not a top-tier lyricist. However, it appeared as if Fiasco soon came to his senses and apologized for his remarks and for speaking about another rapper’s career.

This apology resurfaced after J. Cole also apologized to Lamar for his comments and cleaned the slate. Yet again, Fiasco tweeted about his resurfaced apology and later deleted the post. He clarified that he did not apologize to Lamar but regretted commenting on the entire shindig that did not concern Fiasco in any manner. Seems like he is repeating history this time around too.

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