Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have been married to each other for approximately a little over a month now. During the short time that they have spent together so far, they were spotted in Paris enjoying each other’s company, the actor was also spotted nodding off on his boat which became another meme added to the library of Ben Affleck memes that already exist on the internet. The actor even reprised his role of the Batman of the DCEU, all within the short time span of the month the couple have been married. However, with the recent headlines of the duo tying the knot once more, in a more celebratory event as compared to their previously discreet version of their wedding, in true Office fashion. It begs the question of who all are invited to this second wedding and why it seems like the actor’s brother will not be attending.

Casey Affleck and Ben Affleck’s brotherly bond

Casey Affleck alongside Ben Affleck
Casey Affleck alongside Ben Affleck

The Affleck brothers began acting from early on. Starting with 1994’s To Die For, Casey Affleck has been making a name for himself in supporting roles or in smaller movies for almost as long as Ben Affleck has. Additionally, they have collaborated on four films, including Good Will Hunting, which they both co-wrote, and Gone Baby Gone, which Ben Affleck both directed and wrote.

The Affleck brothers’ relationship has occasionally been depicted in headlines as more of a competitive nature rather than a supportive one. The idea that Casey Affleck is the real actor and Ben Affleck is the big star, and one or the other must hate that is a complete ruse. It is understood that both the brothers have a certain style to how they play their roles as one cannot see Ben Affleck playing the supportive roles that Casey Affleck plays with the same effect while the same can be said vice-versa on the Batman actor being played by the younger brother.

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The plans for the second wedding

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez at their second wedding

The pair is currently planning spectacular wedding festivities following their little, covert wedding last month. Given that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez each have personal net worths of several hundred million dollars even though it seems that the DCEU in which Ben Affleck is supposed to play Batman, is seemingly close to being completely dead. It is reasonable to predict that the wedding arrangements and other features of the wedding will be more of a premium sort. According to reports, the couple intends to spend millions of dollars on their wedding celebrations, which will include a rehearsal dinner, a ceremony, and a barbeque at the end of the three-day event starting from Friday all the way to Sunday. The pair is making enormous efforts to flaunt their wealth at a wedding that has technically already happened.

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Casey Affleck seems the least interested

Casey Affleck
Casey Affleck

Just a few hours before his big brother was scheduled to marry Jennifer Lopez in Georgia, Casey Affleck was spotted on a Starbucks run in Los Angeles on Saturday morning. The younger Affleck was spotted by paparazzi who appeared astonished and even queried. “Why aren’t you in Georgia right now, man??”. To which Casey Affleck responded with “I have other things.” 

The actor seems unbothered by the fact that he will seemingly miss out on his elder brother’s wedding which gives reason to believe that he has already made peace with it. Ben Affleck has not said anything about his brother missing out on one of the most important moments a person can have, therefore, we can assume that the brothers understand each other’s interests and are not disturbed by the lack of their presence.

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Source: Page Six

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