Pedro Pascal’s amazing performances on both the big and small screens have undeniably made their impact on Hollywood. He became very famous, especially after his performance in the fantasy series The Mandalorian. He has undoubtedly established himself as a household name.

Pedro Pascal
Pedro Pascal

This Chilean actor, who debuted with a little but significant role in Game of Thrones, has slowly ascended the success ladder. He appeared in hit movies and series like Narcos, Wonder Woman 1984, and The Last of Us. He performs each role with a certain charm and talent despite being almost in his fifties. Even more astounding is the fact that this well-liked actor once admitted to messing up his Instagram account at first because he believed he would only have 12 followers.

Pedro Pascal made a mistake when setting his Instagram username

The stars of the delightful film The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent engaged in some delightful marketing during the press tour. Pedro Pascal‘s method of advertising for the film was unique compared to Nicholas Cage’s appearances on late-night talk shows. And I can assure you that it was just as endearing as one may have anticipated.

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Pedro Pascal
Pedro Pascal

During a lie detector test, Pedro Pascal shared a surprising tidbit from his earlier days on Instagram. He admitted that he used to think he would only have 12 followers on the platform. Can you believe it? Even his Instagram account contained a small error that he thought wouldn’t be very significant. He had originally intended for it to read “Pascal is a punk,” but a typo resulted in “Pascalispunk.” Even though he wasn’t the Hollywood star he is now, he never bothered to modify it back then.

Pascal said, “I just can’t be bothered to change it now,” in the test. The actor currently has 8.4 Million followers, who think that his username is cool, but weren’t aware it was an error. Why change something that works perfectly fine, right?

Pedro Pascal teaming up with Chris Hemsworth for a new movie

Big news in the world of movies! A thrilling crime thriller based on Don Winslow’s book Crime 101 will star Chris Hemsworth and Pedro Pascal. Originally, Winslow included the novella in his collection Broken. They will follow Detective Lou Lubesnick in this gripping tale as he pursues a cunning lone-wolf burglar who is plotting one more grand theft. Even more intrigue is added by the fact that Bart Layton, known for his heist thriller American Animals, will be directing the movie.

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Pedro Pascal and Chris Hemsworth
Pedro Pascal and Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth and Pedro Pascal both indicated interest in the project, despite it not having been formally announced. The story takes a turn, though. There were no agreements in place for the movie before the SAG-AFTRA strikes. But now things get very interesting since streaming giants like Netflix and Amazon are competing for the rights to this A-list production. They apparently want to pay almost $100 million for this multi-talented collaboration. Only time will be able to predict how things will turn out. In any case, if actors like Pascal and Hemsworth are involved, the project should succeed.

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