After a long 13 years living in conservatorship under her father, Britney Spears finally found freedom in 2021. Various reports suggested the Princess of Pop was suffering due to her father being too controlling of her. These rumors of her being controlled did not end straight after. Recently, her fans came up with allegations against her current husband Sam Asghari. Some fans noticed that Spears was too active on Instagram and was posting the same stuff repeatedly. This led to them speculating that she might be under the control of Asghari.

However now it seems that the Womanizer singer might be finally free as her latest post conveyed that she was free to use her money on anything now. She also gave a big ‘F*** you’ to her father Jamie Spears. The Baby one more Time singer had previously called out her father via a Twitter post.

Britney Spears gives the F-word to Her Father

Jamie Spears and Britney Spears
Jamie Spears and Britney Spears

After being under conservatorship for more than a decade, Britney Spears found her freedom last year in November. And now the Toxic singer is free to do whatever she wants to do or whatever makes her happy without anyone controlling her every move. Following the end of the conservatorship, it was revealed by Spears that her father was so controlling that he would not even let her visit spas. Recently she called out her father, whom she has not spoken to for a long time. In an Instagram post of a throwback picture, she wrote in the caption area,

“Brit Brit’s got some good special news 👍🏼 … this year I’ve been able to get cash for the first time with my ATM card !!!”

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She also expressed her happiness in the same post. Spears even swore at her dad Jamie Spears writing,

“I’m an equal person now … and I’m so HAPPY !!!,” she wrote. “Anyways I just wanted to give you a beautiful SPECIAL HAPPY f–k you 🤷🏼‍♀️”

She revealed via the IG post that the conservatorship under Jamie Spears had felt more like a slave treatment program. Further the Baby One more time singer shared that coming out of the conservatorship was life-changing for her. And referring to her father who used to not allow her to visit spas in fear of her drinking coffee, Spears wrote,  “Guess what ??? I can go to spas now too 💅🏼 !!!”

Britney Spears
Britney Spears

The princess of pop is finally able to move freely and she has been embracing all of those things that she was not allowed to do under the conservatorship.

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Britney Spears’s Previous Claim Against her Father

Britney Spears
Britney Spears

The Womanizer hitmaker came out with more claims against Jamie Spears, her father a couple days ago.  She revealed more truth about her treatment by her father while he was assigned as the guardian of the Popstar. For 13 long years, the Sometimes singer had been suffering due to her father. According to Britney Spears, her father treated her like a dog. She also came up with claims against her father saying that he had even tried to kill her during those 13 years. In a short Twitter clip, the Princess of Pop cursed at her father saying,

“The hardest thing is to know that they were just being mean and that I felt like my dad was trying to kill me. And I hope he burns in f–king hell”

She also wished her father the same things that happened to her. Stripped of all the freedom is what Britney Spears wishes for her father.

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