Famous for being an incredibly empathetic talk show host on top of her work in movies and TV shows, Drew Barrymore is an admirable celebrity in Hollywood. Her open and heartening form of communication welcomes everyone with open arms and celebrities feel comfortable speaking to her about their problems and experiences in life. The guests on her talk show have fun while talking about their lives because Barrymore makes them feel heard and supported.

Drew Barrymore Reveals Struggle With Daughters Wearing Crop Tops

Drew Barrymore in The Drew Barrymore Show
Drew Barrymore in The Drew Barrymore Show

In yesterday’s episode of The Drew Barrymore Show, the titular host spoke to singer Christina Aguilera about their shared struggles with raising daughters who are on their way to becoming teens soon. Being at a crucial age in life, both mothers Drew Barrymore and Aguilera open up about the challenges of showing them the right path while dealing with their public celebrity image.

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Barrymore has two daughters, Olivia and Frankie with her ex-husband Will Kopelman. She single-handedly balances her career and parenting two young girls. Outlining a recent conversation with her daughter, she said,

“My daughter wants to wear a crop top. I’ll say ‘no,’ and she’ll go, ‘You were on the cover of Playboy.’”

The Drew barrymore show
The Drew Barrymore Show

Aguilera chimed in with her own experience in the same space. She has a daughter Summer, who is the same age as Barrymore’s younger daughter Frankie. The singer added,

“I love that she said that, though. Well, I knew it was coming the day I wore chaps. I’m like, ‘One day, I know I’m going to be like…’ Because my daughter wants to wear a crop top, too. And I’m just like, ‘Can we just pull it down?’ I see myself doing that.”

The two mothers share the same empowering opinion on self-expression. No one should be able to curb another person’s freedom to express themselves in any way they deem comfortable. Without any judgments or snarky comments, Barrymore and Aguilera emphasize how crucial it is for young girls to take control of their own narrative.

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Christina Aguilera Encourages Summer to Make Empowered Choices

Christina Aguilera on Stage
Christina Aguilera

On the talk show, the conversation further covered topics of people’s intentions and how society perceives young women who dress in short clothes. Aguilera shared how she chooses to educate her daughter on the reality of the world, rather than questioning her outfit choices. The Genie in a Bottle singer said,

“I don’t want to scare her (to) be terrified of the world, that everybody is a bad person. But also, I think it’s important for her to have a strong sense of self and be very empowered with her body, eventually her sexuality.”

While Barrymore claims she has no regrets about her Playboy cover shoot since she loved every minute of it, Aguilera supports her by adding how they embraced their bodies and felt empowered by those shoots. Seeing celebrities talk about such pertinent topics on national TV helps the masses understand the essence of such topics in today’s time.

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