A few footballers from all around the world have reportedly been accused of s*xual harassment and other abusive crimes. The two well-known cases of harassment by Dani Alves and the PSG player Achraf Hakimi came to the limelight. Although the two players were included in different cases at different times, they were both accused of harassment. Similarly, another incident came to the forefront when TikToker Tatiana Kisiel shared her incident through a video. 

Tatiana Kisiel
Tatiana Kisiel the Spanish model

Referring to a party that included Barcelona footballers, Tatiana Kisiel mentioned her scary incident which forced her to lock herself in the bathroom for safety reasons. Undoubtedly, her TikTok video makes the world believe sportsmen these days are showcasing indecent behavior and are reportedly making headlines for being involved in harassment cases. 

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Tatiana Kisiel’s Tiktok Video Confession

Several harassment cases are being reported surrounding the world of sports. Through the years it has been evident that footballers are mostly involved in cases of harassment and s*xual abuse. With a recent confession from an influencer through her TikTok video, another case of aggression and harassment has been reported. 

Tatiana Kisiel
Tatiana Kisiel reports harassment

Spanish model Tatiana Kisiel reported an incident faced by her at a party in Barcelona that was attended by footballers. Kisiel explained through her TikTok video, “I left there crying and obviously I wouldn’t go back to a footballers’ party.” Being petrified by the incident and the aggression of the anonymous footballer, Kisiel confessed to leaving the party. 

The guys were arrogant and stupid, like 90 percent of football players.” explaining her unpleasant experience, the influencer started sharing details about the incident. 

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The Backstory Of The Party Attended By Tatiana Kisiel

Claiming to have faced an unpleasant experience at a party in Barcelona with a handful of football players, Tatiana Kisiel shares her story on TikTok. She mentioned the backstory, where nearly 50 women were waiting for Barcelona footballers to attend a party. She mentioned having fun at the venue before the footballers arrived because once they arrived, things started becoming aggressive. 

Tatiana Kisiel
Tatiana Kisiel was harassed by an unnamed footballer

We were all there waiting for the players to arrive, and I wish they had not come because the party was better without them” sharing her honest opinion, the TikToker opened up about the incident. 

“When we got there, the first thing they did was to ask you leave your cell phone at the reception, something I didn’t do because I wasn’t planning to stay in a closed place, without windows and without being able to communicate. I didn’t trust them at all.” Tatiana Kisiel shared. 

She moved on with the story and started discussing the moment when she experienced terrible behavior from an anonymous player. “On my way to the bathroom I met one of the players shouting at one of the girls and I started to record it,” Kisiel mentioned. However, when the players noticed her recording, one of them went after Kisiel and scared her to death. “He realized it and started to chase me. I locked myself in the bathroom and he was banging on the door until he got me to leave and erase the video.” the influencer confessed. 

Tatiana Kisiel
Tatiana Kisiel’s TikTok video

Petrified by the incident, Tatiana Kisiel left the party as soon as she found the scope and further took out time and courage to document her incident. Fearing for her life, she abstained from mentioning the player’s name in her video. 

Source: Marca

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