Since the 90s, Woody Allen has been accused of molesting his adopted daughter Dylan Farrow.  But the director has denied the allegations repeatedly. At the time there was a power imbalance between the victim and the perpetrator. But as the MeToo movement gained popularity, more and more celebrities spoke out against Allen.

And one of them was Rebecca Hall who came out with an apology back in 2018 for working with the director. She expressed her regret for accepting to work for Allen’s A Rainy Day in New York. Moreover, Hall also decided to donate to Time’s Up, a body working for the anti-harassment movement.

Rebecca Expressd Her Regrets on Working With Woody Allen

Rebecca Hall
Rebecca Hall

Reading Dylan Farrow’s statement focused on the molestation she faced by her adoptive father Woody Allen, stirred Rebecca Hall’s Emotions. The fact that even after years of allegations by Farrow, celebrities still chose to work with Allen had been hurtful towards her.

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As the director had offered Hall her breakthrough role, she accepted to work in A Rainy Day in New York. However following Farrow’s statement, Hall immediately took to her Instagram to share her regret. She wrote,

In the weeks following, I have thought very deeply about this decision, and remain conflicted and saddened.”

Furthermore, Hall mentioned how her actions must have hurt Farrow. And that she would have never accepted the project if she had been aware of the situation’s gravity. Lastly, the Night House star, revealed that she had signed up to donate to Time’s Up.

Dylan Farrow
Dylan Farrow

Moreover, the actress expressed her desire to keep working for the cause and to bring positive changes and improvements in classes that the Metoo movement highlights. But according to her, she was not doing it as compensation for her uneducated action, but rather to bring forth real and healthy improvement.

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More on Dylan Farrow’s Allegations Against Woody Allen

Woody Allen
Woody Allen

It all started back in 1992 when Dylan Farrow was only 7 years old. She came out with allegations that her adoptive father Woody Allen had molested her at her grandmother’s home. These allegations were denied by the director time after time. However years later, with the Metoo movement in full force, many celebrities who worked with Allen have come up against the director. Additionally, Farroe has called out many celebrities such as Blake Lively for supporting the Metoo movement and simultaneously working with someone like Allen.

And apart from Rebecca Hall, other celebrities including Greta Gerwig, Elliot Page, and Griffin Newman have expressed their regrets about working on film projects with the director.

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