American actor Glen Powell rose to fame with the comedy horror series Scream Queens. He is quite appreciated for his performance as Lt. Jake ‘Hangman’ Seresin in Tom Cruise-led Top Gun: Maverick. He was last seen with the Euphoria actor Sydney Sweeney in the Netflix romantic comedy Anyone But You. 

Glen Powell
Glen Powell in Top Gun: Maverick

Recently, Glen Powell and Eli Manning got into a hilarious war of words on social media as the former football player took a dig at his quarterback skills.

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Glen Powell Slams American Football Player Eli Manning After Playing His Alter Ego In Chad Powers

Glen Powell would be starring, co-writing, executively producing, and co-creating his upcoming comedy series, Chad Powers with the Loki creator Michael Waldron. The Hulu-based series is inspired by the former football player Eli Manning. Recently, Eli Manning took to social media and trolled Glen Powell for his Quarterback skills. While talking about the iconic Football scene from the 2022 released adventure drama Top Gun: Maverick, the former New York Giants mentioned on X-

I hope Glen is working on his QB skills, I saw him throw a football in Maverick…he has some work to do!!

Glen Powell lashed out at the former Football player. He wrote-

I saved America and you’re nitpicking me about the long ball. Talk to me when you win a championship lathered in coconut oil…

Glenn Powell
Glenn Powell In Top Gun: Maverick

Powell clearly pointed out that they were not playing the common football game, instead, both the teams were playing offense and defense in the dogfight football. 

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Glen Powell Talks About His Anyone But You Co-star Sydney Sweeney

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly in December 2023, Glen Powell spoke about his Anyone But You co-star Sydney Sweeney. The Set It Up actor mentioned that a romantic comedy cannot survive without chemistry between the actors. He said-

“A great rom-com doesn’t survive without great chemistry, and Sydney is the easiest person to have chemistry with. I mean, immediately, it was like we’d known each other forever, and I think anybody that’s been on the set realizes I never get tired of talking to Sydney. We make each other laugh She’s awesome, obviously one of the most talented actresses we have. This movie has felt like a rom-com in itself because Sydney is very easy to pretend to fall in love with.”

Glen Powell
Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney in Anyone But You

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While talking about how Sydney Sweeney’s popularity has impacted him, the Top Gun actor pointed out

“Sydney has been … an Internet sensation for a while. This is my first leap into that. Any time you’re near Sydney, I realize you get the full force of her fame. But look, the best part about it is we truly love each other, and we respect each other. We had the greatest time making this thing.”

Anyone But You revolves around a Boston University law school student Bea played by Sydney Sweeney and Ben portrayed by Glen Powell, who are forced to put up a show as a couple at a destination wedding, to prevent their loved ones from meddling in their personal lives after coming across one another on a date. With an IMDb rating of 6.3 out of 10, Anyone But You can be streamed on Prime Video.

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