Even Kim Kardashian couldn’t escape Tom Brady’s humor. American former football quarterback, Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr., is a well-acclaimed name in the history of the NFL (National Football League). When he got the chance to pull a joke at the expense of the SKIMS founder, he did not hold back.

Tom Brady
Tom Brady | Source: tombrady on Instagram

Recently, the former NFL player was welcomed by Netflix for a roast show. The show was full of energy and laughter which was obviously expected from it. However, comedian Nikki Glaser seems to be a little upset about one of Brady’s jokes. More than being upset, Glaser was kind of shocked after listening to one of his jokes.

Tom Brady’s Joke on Kim Kardashian Might Have Been Out of Line

Kim Kardashian 
Kim Kardashian in a still from The Kardashians

One of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, Tom Brady, recently appeared on the Netflix comedy show The Greatest Roast of All Time: The Roast of Tom Brady which comedians Kevin Hart and Jeff Ross hosted. Multiple selected sports figures and comics were invited to participate in the show. 

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Although it was a comedy show and roasting was always on the table, Nikki Glaser felt that one of Brady’s jokes on American media personality and socialite Kim Kardashian was somewhat off-limits. 

Brady playfully made a joke about Kardashian and her ex-husband, Kanye West. He joked about whether Kardashian was more scared of the jokes or the fact that her children were with Kanye West while she was at the show.

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In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel Live, Glaser revealed how she was shocked that such jokes could be made:

“He did a joke about Kim Kardashian, who was there, who I kind of thought was off-limits. A great joke, and I didn’t even know we could really go there cuz I’m like ‘I am not going to do any jokes related to his kids.'”

Brady’s joke involved Kardashian’s kids and that might be why Glaser thinks that it wasn’t that light-hearted, especially framed the way it was by the quarterback. 

Nikki Glaser Was Rumored to Be in A Relationship with Josh Brolin

Nikki Glaser | Source: nikkiglaser on Instagram
Nikki Glaser | Source: nikkiglaser on Instagram

Just recently, Nikki Glaser responded positively to Jimmy Kimmel’s email and had a fun interview with him. Right after the interview started, Kimmel asked Glaser if she got a chance to meet American actor Josh Brolin backstage during the Tom Brady roast show hosted by Kevin Hart. The response turned out to be rather hilarious.

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Responding to the question, Glaser revealed that many people believe she has a relationship with Brolin after seeing a particular picture. She unlocked her phone and scrolled through a few pictures to finally reach one. She clarified that Brolin posted a picture of him and his wife kissing each other on Instagram where his wife looks somewhat identical to her. 

This picture confused people out there and kindled the rumor that Nikki Glaser was in a relationship with Josh Brolin. Glaser also mentioned that some people went a step ahead and congratulated her on being in a relationship with the actor. 

The Greatest Roast of All Time: The Roast of Tom Brady is available for streaming on Netflix.

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