Zendaya and Tom Holland are recognized as one of the most beloved couples in Hollywood and have both successfully thrived in their roles in Spider-Man movies. However, the couples’ acceptance among the cast members of the film was less than ideal. In an interview, the duo discussed how their presence was seen as a “distraction”, particularly pointing out an incident that made both of them upset.

Zendaya and Tom Holland said the Spider-Man dance party snubbed them

Image of Tom Holland and Zendaya
Tom Holland and Zendaya

The power couple once, in an interview with Seriously, fondly recalled the fun times on the Spider-Man set with their co-actor Jamie Foxx, who played the role of the villain in No Way Home. While recalling him, the couple couldn’t resist spilling the beans on an unfair experience they had as the actor once threw a party at the set, but surprisingly, neither of them received an invitation.

Zendaya narrated the dance party incident, specifically mentioning Foxx, “would bring music, and then the lighting department would play lights as well.” Tom Holland expressed his agitation over the event, saying, “I wasn’t even invited, and I was Spider-Man in the ‘Spider-Man”.

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A still of Tom Holland and Zendaya in Spiderman movie
Tom Holland and Zendaya in the Spider-Man movie

In the interview, Zendaya recalled a time when she wasn’t allowed to come to the Spider-Man set.  She explained that she used to come to the set regularly, but eventually, the producer asked her not to come to the set as the director Jon Watt was falling behind schedule and they “don’t want any distraction”.

Zendaya felt perplexed and believed that she hadn’t been disruptive in the first place. However, on one occasion, when she visited the set, she was surprised to find a party in full swing. “I walk in — the producers, the actors, Jamie has started a party” and she saw them dancing to Rihanna’s hit song.

The actress then humorously exclaimed, ‘So I wasn’t allowed to come to work because there was a distraction” and asserted that it was “rude” from the cast.

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Spider-Man producer once advised Tom Holland and Zendaya against real-life romance

The duo opened up about the incident while playing a game during the interview. They spun the wheel and had to recall an experience with the faces they hit. The actor manipulated the wheel which eventually fell on Foxx and explained that Foxx “was one of his favorite actors he worked with”

Electro in Spider-Man: No way Home
Jamie Fixx as Electro in Spider-Man: No Way Home

Foxx previously portrayed the role of villain, Electro/Max Dillon in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 alongside Andrew Garfield. He later reprised the role in Marvel’s No Way Home. 

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Interestingly the Spider-Man, co-stars are often seen dating after their movies. A pattern has often been observed with Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst as well as Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone.

In light of this, the Spider-Man producer, Amy Pascal once cautioned Zendaya and Holland against dating in real life, she mentioned in an interview with New York Times. Ultimately, just like all the canon events in the Spider-Verse, Holland and Zendaya eventually dated and became a celebrated couple after all.

Source: Seriously and New York Times.

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