Jennifer Lopez has had numerous iconic fashion moments, but one that stands out among all is her 2000 Grammy look. Appearing in a belly button-baring, jungle print Versace gown, the Ain’t Your Mama hitmaker put on a style map. However, she wasn’t the only one who wore the iconic Versace look. Supermodel Amber Valletta had it on for the 1999 Versace’s spring/summer runway show.

Amber Valletta
Amber Valletta on Vogue

Taking a playful jibe at Jennifer Lopez’s iconic Versace gown for Grammys, Amber Valletta spoke out about being the first one to wear it. Calling it the iconic jungle dress that broke the internet, the model looked back at her career during her prime. 

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Amber Valletta Swipes At Jennifer Lopez’s Grammy Gown 

Flipping the pages and digging into her most iconic fashion outfits, supermodel Amber Valletta landed upon Jennifer Lopez‘s Grammy look for 2000. Appearing on an installment of Vogue’s Life in Looks video series, Valletta spoke out about being the first one to wear the iconic jungle print Versace gown. 

Jennifer Lopez
Amber Valletta and Jennifer Lopez in the Versace gown

Looking back at the most striking outfits of her career, the 49-year-old model discussed the silk-printed gown which she wore before it broke the internet. “I wore it on the runway, then obviously I did the campaign – and then JLo wore it to the Grammys”, the model set the record straight. Recalling the massive iconic moment, Valletta added, “This dress has been Googled more times than any other look in history.”

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez’s iconic Versace gown

Giving all due credit to Jennifer Lopez, the 49-year-old stated, “Literally broke the internet when [JLo] wore it, so kind of cool to be a part of that history, but I wore it first.” Reminding everyone about her catwalk, a year prior to the singer wearing it to the Grammys and making it a sensation, Amber Valletta proceeds to praise the outfit. 

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Amber Valletta’s Versace Gown Broke The Internet 

Making the records straight of how she rocked the jaw-dropping Versace outfit prior to Jennifer Lopez, Amber Valletta mentioned Donatella Versace wearing it a few months before Lopez. Explaining how celebrities rarely showed skin before Lopez made it a trend, the model praised the outfit for its sheer gorgeousness. 

Amber Valletta
Amber Valletta praised Donatella Versace

I think this was like the pinnacle of, like, fierce Versace sexiness, blond ambition” Valletta mentioned. Praising Donatella Versace for the iconic design, the 47-year-old stated, “It was just like, Donatella, Donatella, Donatella”. Bewildering by the beauty of the dress, the supermodel claimed, “I think it was just so ahead of its time and just said, ‘I’m woman and hear me roar … Literally from the jungle”. 

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez with Donatella Versace

The iconic star-studded dress, not only changed the trajectory of fashion and modest skin shows but also inspired Google to develop the groundbreaking image search option.

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Source: Vogue

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