Currently one of Hollywood’s most successful actors, Ryan Reynolds is thought to have a net worth of $150 million. His biggest box office successes are Deadpool 2 as well as the first Deadpool film, which brought in nearly $783 million worldwide. Taylor Swift’s adoration for Ryan Reynolds is evident, and he has hinted that she could appear in Deadpool 3 as a cameo. Last month, Reynolds stated that Swift’s song was featured on the movie’s soundtrack and that he was a huge Swift fan. Even so, the singer tweeted back to Reynolds to express her desire to visit the set. Reynold’s most recent remark about Taylor Swift, suggests more than simply musical appreciation.

Ryan Reynolds announced the actor’s highly anticipated return as the character in a Twitter video while revealing that Deadpool 3 will release on September 6, 2024.

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool

Ryan Reynolds Explains Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine Return, Future MCU Appearances

In the first video Reynolds shared, he was shown sitting on a couch and announcing that Jackman would be joining the cast of his movie, the first time the movie’s lead character would appear in a Disney production. In the video, Jackman appeared in a “cameo.”

Reynolds posted a second video to give “additional details” as speculation over how the MCU will depict Wolverine erupted on social media. This time, Jackman was also in the video. At the very least, everyone anticipated that.

Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds with Jimmy Fallon

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Wolverine enthusiasts could not control their enthusiasm when Reynolds revealed that Jackman will be working with him on Deadpool 3. Jackman also shared Reynolds’ Instagram and Twitter posts of the footage. Within minutes, it became widely known.

Fans, however, drew attention to the fact that Logan (2017), which was widely thought to be Jackman’s final movie as the formidable mutant with adamantium claws, included his death.

In keeping with the brilliant marketing strategy they used to make the original announcement, the timeline explanation video was released more than 12 hours after the first one.

Reynolds, who has appeared in three films as Wade Wilson/Deadpool, originally revealed the news in a video.

We’re really sorry to have missed D23, but we’ve been working very hard on the next Deadpool movie for a while now, he says.

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Deadpool 3: Will Taylor Swift be in MCU?

Taylor Swift was not supposed to appear in Deadpool 3; but, Ryan Reynolds was willing to make it so.

Swift’s allegation started to spread after Ryan Reynolds shared a video with Hugh Jackman revealing that Wolverine will participate in the third superhero movie. Reynolds and Jackman starred in the video, which was recorded in the same location where Swift’s short film All Too Well: The Short Film was also produced. Swift is notorious for dropping hints about upcoming projects.

Taylor Swift, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively
Taylor Swift, Ryan Reynolds, and Blake Lively

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Regarding the fan hypothesis, Reynolds told Entertainment Tonight that “if we shoot the next Deadpool movie at our house, then that would be that place.” Reynolds stated that he would want Swift to star in the future film, adding, “Are you kidding me? Anything I could do to help that woman.” Reynolds claimed to have asked Jackman to be in Deadpoolfor six straight years” in the same interview.

The outstanding writer Ryan Reynolds is still at work, and the next Deadpool 3 will include Hugh Jackman and Taylor Swift.

Source- Twitter

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