Movie posters that you see are not in production yet, and probably the movies will never release on the silver screen.  The posters are the imagination of Lance Ford—a creative director at an agency called EP+Co. Lance has been sharing his impressive Photoshop creations for the last two months. Using movie posters reimagined as brands are memorable. We can now see what would happen if brands were movies. The prospects of these creations don’t look disappointing at all. i”I love advertising, and movies, and thought it would be fun to combine the two in an interesting way,” Lance told one news outlet.

              You will be amazed to know that these unique posters have made the rounds all over Instagram, Twitter and Facebook in a few weeks. Here are a few of these crazy images for you to enjoy.


  • Mr Clean


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Mr. Clean is a famous brand providing cleaning products. The poster uses The Rock as the face of Mr. Clean brand. In a white t-shirt with a smile, he looks great. The image is funny, and the choice of character is entirely accurate. It is one of the most trending photos on Instagram.



  • Poppin’


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What a poster this is? Poppin’ is a company specializing in furniture design and space management. For a brand like poppin’ the poster is too colorful. Makes one rethink their decision of using their furniture. An amazing photoshop edit by Lance Ford. Using a furniture company in such a way is remarkable, to say the least.



  • Pillsbury


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The artist has used a family in the poster with the brand; even the mono company is used in the image. It is an example of extraordinary editing and a good sense of humor. The look on the faces of family members is enough to make you chuckle.



  • Mr. Pringle


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Mr Pringle is known for its wafers. In the poster, we can definitely see a lot of chips, but none of them seems to be potatoes. Chips on the table, cards in hand Mr. Pringle looks ready to roll. One can not stop smiling after looking at the funny edit. 


These posters are viral on social media. What are your thoughts about these movies? I hope to see at least one of them in the theatre. 

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