The new Barbie movie in the town starring none other than the most talented Margot Robbie is again making the headline. But this time it is not for its box office collection, this time the movie makes the news as it seems to potentially end many fans’ love stories.  Fans across the globe are now taking their boyfriend to watch Barbie as a test for their relationship.

Barbie Movie Scene
Barbie Movie Scene

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Margot Robbie’s Barbie is ending fans’ love stories

The recent release of the Barbie movie starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling has created havoc across social media and fans. Right from the casting to the marketing of the movie, everything has been under media and fans’ attention all the time. But ever since the release of the movie the feminist theme along with the twist of LGBTQ has the female fan overwhelmed with emotions.

The new Barbie Margot Robbie
The new Barbie Margot Robbie

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Every other female fan out there wants her pattern to treat her the way Ken treated Barbie in the movie. Not only this one female fan has also broken up with her boyfriend because he did not like Barbie movie and this is making headlines across different news channels.

Supporting Her Choice: Breakup Over New Barbie Movie

As per the reports, a woman broke up with her boyfriend over his “uncomfortable” reaction to the new Barbie Movie. The 23-year-old woman shared a post on Reddit which said: “Am I the A**hole?” to ask if she was wrong to end her relationship with her partner “over the Barbie Movie”

Barbie Margot Robbie
Barbie Margot Robbie

Talking more about her situation the woman said that she was well aware of the movie and its feminist theme and was very excited to see although her boyfriend had no idea about it. She secretly wished that he would understand the movie and like it but much to her disappointment, he became more and more uncomfortable as the movie proceed. Even after the movie ended he bluntly said that he was offended by the movie. This eventually led them to break up.

Although she also stated that even before the movie was released his opinions about women and the LGBTQ community had always been very shady. She even said that the breakup has been around the corner for a long time but the new Barbie movie just was the straw that broke the camel’s back. After this social media has been on the buzz as many social media users came out in support of the girl saying she was right.

AITA for breaking up with my boyfriend over the Barbie movie
by u/notalaskakidd in AITAH

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“He sounds like he was an awful person. It’s a movie,” wrote a user. “If he was so deeply offended by a movie with feminist themes then that’s his problem, and it shouldn’t be yours.”

On the other hand, one user even suggested that everyone should take their boyfriends to Barbie and if they did not understand it, they should be dumped. “Take your boyfriend to Barbie if he doesn’t understand the movie… dump him,” one user commented.

Even though the feminist and self-discovery theme of Barbie is strong and speaks about a very important gap in our society, is it worth ending a relationship over the mere uncomfortableness of one’s partner? Even though social media completely agrees, a little thought on the question might not be hurtful.

Source: Independent 

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