British model Kate Moss was just 14 years old when she received her first modeling job. Although Moss herself believes that she is terrible at snapshots, she has been a huge part of the fashion industry. Rising to fame with the 1992 Calvin Klein photo shoot, she went on to get fashion icon status. She has been the face of some of the biggest luxury brands and currently runs her own modeling agency and clothing range.

Kate Moss
Kate Moss

The former model has been vocal about the issues and problems models face while working in the industry. Although the Calvin Klien campaign brought her fame, Moss says that she regrets doing that. However, that was not the only photoshoot she was uncomfortable with. In her interview with Vanity Fair, the former British model revealed that she was forced to pose nude for a photoshoot.

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Kate Moss Was Uncomfortable Posing Nude For the Photoshoot

Talking to Vanity Fair in 2012, Kate Moss shared the issues she faced while some campaigns. Moss said that she felt uncomfortable as a stretch limo came to pick her up from the work. But she had to do it because that was work. Moss shared that she went through anxiety and no one cared for her mental health at the time.

After working for two years in the industry the founder of the Kate Moss Agency was featured in The Face. Moss shared she was only 16 at the time and was told to pose nude for some pictures. Talking about the photoshoot with Corinne Day for The Face, Moss said that she was very uncomfortable.

Kate Moss Posing for a photo
Kate Moss Posing for a photo

I see a 16-year-old now, and to ask her to take her clothes off would feel really weird,” she said. She also said that she was threatened that if she does not do as told, she would not be hired again. “But they were like, If you don’t do it, then we’re not going to book you again,” Kate Moss said.

She said that when she had no choice, she would go to the toilet, cry, and come back for the shoot. The former model hesitated with the nude shoot as she did not feel comfortable about her breast. Moss also shared that she will never forget that picture of her running down the beach.

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Kate Moss is Terrible at Snapshots Unless She’s Working

Kate Moss was one of the biggest models of her time. She even made a spot in Time’s most 100 influential people in 2007. However, she thinks that she is terrible at snapshots. While talking about her work, Moss said, “I’m terrible at a snapshot. Terrible. I blink all the time. I’ve got facial Tourette’s.”

She claimed that she needs a character and it helps her to pose for the photos. She shared her wedding incident where she asked her wedding photographer to give her a character or her photos will be terrible.

Johnny Depp's ex girlfriend, Kate Moss.
Kate Moss

On my wedding day, I’m like freaking out, obviously. ‘You’ve got to give me a character,” she said to her old friend John Galliano. And the photographer said, “You have a secret—you are the last of the English roses. Hide under that veil. When he lifts it, he’s going to see your wanton past!’”

After working for more than a decade in the fashion industry, Kate Moss officially retired from the runway. She founded her fashion agency, Kate Moss Agency in September 2016, which stars her daughter Lila Moss.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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