Recently UFC President took the online community by surprise with his cryptic post. But he took down the post soon afterward which had the message “WE GOT HIM” in it. Some of the fans seem to have a good idea as they explained that the message referred to a man who allegedly threatened the UFC president and his family.

Prior to the vague post, a former employee of the UFC gym and White had a fallout online. The employee was identified to be an ex-fighter named Brendon Bender. He is accused of threatening White’s 16-year-old daughter with sexual harassment threats. That resulted in a heated exchange of messages between the two men. Currently, Bender has been taken under custody according to reports.

UFC President Dana White’s Online Fallout with Ex-fighter Brendon Bender

UFC President Dana White
UFC President Dana White

After UFC president Dana White posted a vague and cryptic message saying “WE GOT HIM“, some fans came up with an explanation as to what was going on. It left everyone confused and only 2 days later screenshots have been shared online. It provided the complete context of what actually went down. Some fans pointed out that the cryptic message referred to a person who threatened White and his family previously. According to the screenshots, the two heatedly went back and forth at each other. In one of the screenshots, the man identified as a former UFC employee Brendon Bender commented under White’s post with, “F** u b***h.” And then the UFC President responded with,

“F*** U, you piece of f***in s**t. I’m coming for u now you mother f***in CRACK HEAD. Threaten to r*** my 16 year old daughter?”

It is clear and obvious that White was furious as his daughter Savannah White is only 16. Now, Dana White is known to be a great father who loves to spend time with his children. He is married to his childhood sweetheart with whom he shares three children. And their relationship has lasted more than 20 years and still going strong. Therefore, it was obvious that the UFC president would go to lengths for the safety of his family.

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Dana White Posts a Cryptic Message Hinting the Perpetrator Has Been Caught

Dana White
Dana White

So the vague message has been cleared now as to what Dana White meant by it. Along with the cryptic message saying “WE GOT HIM”, White also thanked the authorities, his fans, and the media. At the time it was not clear what was going on. And also he took down the post soon after. However, it came to light soon after that the man who previously threatened White’s family had been taken into custody. The UFC President was updating his fans and people about the situation.

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Dana White
Dana White

Brendon Bender the perpetrator is a former UFC fighter and also a former employee of the Gym affiliated with UFC. He is 36 years old currently. And prior to UFC, Bender was an MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighter. He started his MMA career back in 2006 and has a record of 12-2. And after the recent fallout with Dana White, he is in custody. But as of now, it is not clear as to what exact charges have been put applied against him.

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