The famous Columbian singer Shakira is going through a difficult phase in her personal life while her professional career continues to make noise in the media. Last year, the Waka Waka singer and her long-time boyfriend, Gerard Pique, made headlines as they announced their split and shocked millions of their fans. Although the pair never said anything regarding their separation, this year Shakira released two diss tracks for her ex-boyfriend, after which it was pretty clear that the former football player was cheating on her with a 23-year-old girlfriend, Clara Chia Marti.

Shakira and Gerard Pique Instagram war


In June 2022, the Hips Don’t Lie singer filed for seperation from her boyfriend, citing infidelity reasons in her court documents. Since then, the former couple has been involved in a social media war. Shakira continues to dish on her ex through her new songs, while Pique shows off his romance with her new girlfriend on social media.

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The music legend is finding it hard to overcome the trauma of Pique’s cheating scandal. She lost her cool when she saw an Instagram post that featured her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend, Clara Chia Marti, posing for a selfie. Soon after, the singer shared a cryptic post on Instagram in which she was seen dancing while singing, “I might kill my ex. Not the best idea. How did I get here?” After which, fans were quick to notice that she posted that for Pique.

Gerard Pique and Shakira
Gerard Pique and Shakira

She told Canal Estrellas in her interview how painful the past couple of months were for the singer and her kids, but she also took a jab at Pique’s girlfriend. The singer made it crystal clear that she was not okay with Clara Chia Marti dating her former boyfriend. She said there is a special place reserved in hell for a woman who doesn’t support other women.

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Gerard Pique almost ran over the paparazzi that asked him about Shakira

Clara Chia Marti and Gerard Piqué
Clara Chia Marti and Gerard Piqué

The former football star has found himself surrounded by controversy. First, he cheated on his Shakira, whom he dated for 12 years, and soon after their split, he made his relationship with his new girlfriend Clara Chia Marti official. 

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It was recently reported that Gerard Pique was angry at one paparazzi as he asked him about Shakira’s new diss track for him and his Girlfriend. A journalist named Jodi Martin told the media that Pique tried to hurt him and allegedly sent him multiple threats. As per reports published in Marca, the football player was on his way to his parents home when Martin asked to comment on Waka Waka hitmaker new song.

The journalist said, “Today I went through an unpleasant episode with Gerard Pique and Clara Chia as I was about to be run over.” He continued, “When they got out, Pique accelerated the car in such a way that he almost ran me over, and a little later, we passed each other on the road, and they both laughed at me, insulted me, and made obscene signs.”

Last month, the talented singer Shakira celebrated the success of her new song, which topped several global Spotify charts, with a wild house party at her lavish home. She played her new hit at the highest volume for guests. Gerard Pique, on the other hand, has moved on with his life and is content with his new girlfriend.

Source: Marca Magazine

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