Eric Roberts proudly shared how his family has found success in showbiz.

However, the mood shifted when Julia Roberts was brought up in the conversation.

The actor said he has to follow a strict rule set by his sister and daughter.

Hollywood families can be complicated, and sometimes, boundaries are drawn in unexpected places. Such appears to be the case with the Roberts clan. Recently, Eric Roberts, brother to Julia Roberts and father to Emma Roberts (with ex Kelly Cunningham), revealed a surprising rule within the family.

Eric Roberts as Sal Maroni
Eric Roberts as Sal Maroni in The Dark Knight (Credits: Warner Bros.)

During a chat on the podcast Still Here Hollywood, the actor opened up about his family’s success in the entertainment industry. However, when host Steve Kmetko asked his thoughts on his sister’s career, things got a little awkward.

Eric Roberts is Not Supposed to Talk Publicly About His Sister and Daughter

Julia Roberts as Tinkerbell in Hook
Julia Roberts as Tinkerbell in Hook (Credits: TriStar Pictures)

Eric Roberts shared his love for his daughter’s acting career. However, he mentioned a surprising rule in their family. When asked about his sister Julia Roberts on a recent episode of the Still Here Hollywood podcast, the Oscar-nominated star replied, “You’ll have to ask her.”

“I really love my sister, but I can’t talk about her,” the 68-year-old explained, referring to his superstar sibling. He went on to say, “She doesn’t want me to discuss it.” This rule also applies to his daughter Emma Roberts, who has made a name for herself in acting. He admitted:

I’m not supposed to talk about either of them. 

The specifics behind this rule remain unclear. Perhaps Roberts’ sister and daughter both prefer to keep their personal lives separate from their careers. However, Roberts hopes to act alongside his sister on screen someday. He stated in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that he would love to play the father of his real-life daughter as well.

Eric Roberts is Proud of His Daughter Emma Roberts’s Acting Success

Maybe I Do
Emma Roberts in a still from Maybe I Do (Credits: Vertical)

Even though Eric Roberts can’t talk much about his daughter’s career publicly, his love and pride for her are clear. The Dark Knight star praised the 33-year-old’s talent, adding:

I’m in love with my daughter’s work these days. I can’t believe how great she’s become. … I’m so proud of her I can’t see straight. Since her performance in Maybe I Do until right now, she overwhelms me with pride and just, ‘Oh my God, here she goes again.’ And I’m just so happy to be her dad because she’s kicking ass. And I’m so proud.

Emma Roberts was first seen as Addie Singer in the Nickelodeon teen sitcom Unfabulous from 2004 to 2007. She later appeared in movies such as Nancy Drew and Wild Child, as well as TV shows like Scream Queens and American Horror Story. Her latest projects are Maybe I Do and Space Cadet.

The actor’s words show a deep family connection, where love and admiration shine through, even when some things are kept private. The Roberts family handles fame and family in their own special way. Instead of loudly cheering each other on, they value keeping things private and respecting each other’s boundaries.

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